Disney Store Exclusive – Disney & Pixar Toy Box Goofy, Donald Duck, Mike Wazowski & Randall Figures Review


The Disney Store is offering some new Toy Box figures that are available now, including Captain Hook and Peter Pan, Goofy and Donald Duck from Classic Disney, Mike Wazowski and Randall figures from the Pixar film Monsters Inc.

Since the Disney Store started the Toy Box line, we have been enjoying each new release that ranges with Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and Pixar characters with elements from Disney Infinity. When you are able to combine four different beloved franchises into one action figure line, you know you’re doing something right. These latest releases are a perfect example of how bringing back classic cartoon characters into the 5″ action figure scale. We all grew up on Disney characters back in the day, and while other companies have made these characters before, they’ve never been done quite like this with the articulation, style and low price point that you get from this line, but nothing quite as complete or expansive like this. Since 2017, the line has become a staple for Disney Store and have gained momentum as more and more people are jumping on board, as these are just fun to collect and display. For a line such as this, the possibilities are almost endless, and given the fact that we’ve already seen multiple vehicles in both the Marvel and Star Wars Toy Box lines, anything is possible such as play sets, characters not seen in the Disney Infinity game such as Peter Pan, who was just released, and they can even do something special such a Monorail play set in this line, or even Captain Hook’s Pirate ship – the Jolly Roger as that was also featured in the game.



Availability: May 2020

These figures are packaged in the standard Toy Box blister card, including an image on the side, and images and other figures that are also available. Donald and Goofy are #17 in the Disney Toy Box line, and Mike and Randall are #15 in the Pixar Toy Box line.

Disney Infinity was Disney’s version of LEGO Dimensions, where franchises collide and characters can interact. These figures are loosely based on this game, and have been re-engineered and articulated to resemble the game’s likeness.


Donald and Goofy are two of the most iconic characters in the classic Disney animation, and make their debut in the Disney Toy Box line. With Mickey and Minnie Mouse already in this line along with Pluto, Disney is bringing all of their popular characters in this line from all of these franchises. Donald Duck and Goofy and shown along with Peter Pan and Captain Hook on the back of the packaging as they were released together, along with Mike and Randall from Monsters Inc.

Donald Duck comes in his blue sailor shirt, with white buttons, a red bow tie, a blue hat that is sculpted to his head, and a black ribbon on the back. Donald’s fur is painted in white and is smooth, and his legs and duck feet are painted in a light orange that also matches the color of his beak. His head sculpt is nicely done with big light blue eyes and black pupils, a hat and a beak with a tongue painted and sculpted inside. The figure also has some mild bleeding in the paint applications as we specified in the video.

Goofy is also in his classic colors, including the orange shirt, light blue pants, brown shoes, white gloves, black fur that is also smooth, and a black vest over his shirt. His head sculpt looks great and includes a green hat with a black stripe that is sculpted to his head, and nicely done facial details, including his long mouth, black nose, big white eyes, black pupils and long ears. Two of his teeth are shown poking out of his mouth, which as you would recall from the classic design. Goofy also has some paint bleeding into his eye, and his wrists has some paint chipping off at the joints as shown in the video.


Monsters Inc. in Disney Infinity was a nice touch, and we now have all of the characters that appeared in the game, including Mike, Randall, Sulley and even Boo, as she was not in the game. Mike’s design is pretty straight forward, with an oval shaped head, a big eye ball, a mouth, horns, arms and legs round him out, and the figure has a great likeness. The head is hollow and you can see the inside through his mouth, which also includes sharp teeth. The paint applications on Mike are excellent and the printed eye ball is a nice touch.

Randall’s sculpt is one of the most unique character designs that you’re going to see in this line, and he makes a great looking action figure. Randall is an enemy of Mike and Sulley in Monsters Inc., he resembles a lizard, and has the ability similar to a chameleon, with the ability to change his color to blend into the surrounding area. The figure pays homage to that as the back half of his body is clear, and there are some painted light purple and blue. The front half the body is painted in a dark purple, and several shades of a light purple. His head sculpt looks great with printed eye balls, detailed sculpted teeth, and an overall great design. The body includes four arms and four legs, which is normally something that you do not see, and the figure also has more articulation, which we showcase in the video. The paint applications on him are excellent and they went above and beyond on this one, between the clear plastic and the paint on it, and the purple deco. This is a perfect example of how great the Toy Box line is, as it gives you a character like Randall that you didn’t know you needed until you have him in your hand. So keep that in mind when you are about to decide on what you’re going to buy, and go buy him.

Overall, the Disney and Pixar Toy Box line continues to grow and offer such great action figures. Donald, Goody, Mike and Randall are great figures that you definitely need to add to your Toy Box collection. They also fit in great with any animated, video game, comic or movie figures. Make sure to get them before they’re gone, and you can find these as in-stock at the Disney Store.


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