NECA Toys San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Exclusive – Ultimate Summer Games Gremlin Figure Review


This year for San Diego Comic-Con, NECA Toys are offering the Ultimate Summer Games Gremlin Figure as part of this years offerings, and as you are well aware, all offerings will be available starting July 23rd. This years Gremlins exclusive is based on the ad campaign from 1984 when the Summer Games took place in the US and Gremlins premiered in theaters. This figure was originally planned to be tied to this years Summer Olympics as well as that canceled due to the worldwide pandemic. This figure is something special for Comic-Con and especially for fans of Gremlins, and it’s great to see that NECA offer something so fun and different than you would normally see. It just shows you how hard they worked and really did their homework. Did you know that the 1984 Olympics and Gremlins were out at the same time? Not too many people probably remembered that fact.



Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Exclusive – Ultimate Summer Games Gremlin Figure for review. 

Availability: Starting July 23rd, 2o2o – San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

The Ultimate Summer Games Gremlin is packaged on a window box with an opening flap, with nicely done artwork on the front, logo’s on the sides, images and a brief bio on the back. The opening flap shows an image of the figure, and the window box has the Gremlin figure securely placed in the plastic tray along with his accessories.


This years San Diego Comic-Con would have seen this Ultimate Summer Games Gremlin released almost at the same time as the 2020 Summer Olympics that were going to take place in Tokyo, Japan before being canceled due to this pandemic. He uses the Ultimate Stripes figure sculpt with all that great attention to detail and likeness that fans are used too, with sculpted textures as the skin tone, and that great head sculpt with a hinged jaw. Every aspect about this figure is perfect, and what sets him apart from the rest are the Olympic accessories that are included. To give that that promotional ad appearance, he comes with a white and red stripe speedo, a scuba mask, snorkel, fins, and an Olympic torch that he proudly carries. The Gremlin figure is a bit top heavy and in the video it was tricky to get him to stand, but the finns help with that. The torch also causes him to fall over if the arm holding it is not positioned a certain way. It’s something to pay attention too as you pose him and display him on your self.

Overall, NECA has once again created such a great look figure and the execution on him is perfect. This is exactly what a Summer convention exclusive figure should be, with all these great accessories and something different that has never been done before. This is surely something for the most die hard Gremlin fans that want every piece other than just the characters in the films, and if that’s you, this is definitely for you.


Available in Walmart Stores on Thursday(7/23)* – $29.96 USD
Available online (US & International) through on Thursday(7/23) – $34.99 USD
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