NECA Toys San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Exclusive – Predator 2 City Demon Predator Ultimate Figure Review


NECA Toys are celebrating the 100th figure of their fan-favorite Predator line with this special Alpha Predator figure offering to commemorate this accomplishment. The Alpha Predator is an original design and concept that NECA put together. The figure includes a removable mask, interchangeable hands, a staff, and even has an original origin story.

We recently did an interview with NECA’s Randy Falk talking about horror lines and franchises, so make sure to check that out. In this interview, one of the questions was about this Alpha Predator figure.


Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Alpha Predator figure for review. 

Availability: June 2020

The Alpha Predator is packaged in the standard window with an opening flap, with nicely done artwork by Jason Edmiston on the cover, logo’s on the sides, and images of the figure and a description on the back. The flap has an image of the figure, and the window box has the Alpha Predator stored in a plastic tray with his accessories.


The Alpha Predator is a brand new sculpt that NECA cooked up in celebration of the 100th figure in their Predator line-up. The figure is completely reimagined with a new bio that gives you some information about the character, including the fact that he’s the first hunter.

The Alpha Predator figure is designed with a insectoid theme, with the armor, trophy bones attached to his body, and even his mask represent this theme. The attention to detail on the armor and bones is remarkable and even look realistic as if he was part of a movie line. His torso is bones that are painted in a metallic copper with a black wash, and the bones are attached together with his skin showing through. On the back are horns sticking up on top, and there is a small hole on the upper left side to store the shuriken. The forearms include gauntlets that are made of bones, and there are holes to insert the wrist blades on either end (we specified how this works in the video, so check that out above). There is also a loose belt around his waist that can hold the blade, and the black of the lion cloth is made of a soft plastic. The legs have bones are armor sculpted to them, with all the great sculpted detail as seen on the rest of the figure.

His head sculpt is simply beautiful, and follows his light grey skin tone very nicely. There is also a wash on his skin that you see on the forehead, and the attention to detail on the face such as the mouth, fangs and eyes is equally as impressive. The fangs are also used to hold the mask in place, which can be somewhat difficult to put on. The mask itself is also insect-like, with those big eyes, pinchers and teeth. The mask also has the same deco and paint washes as does the rest of the armor.

The Alpha Predator includes a removable mask, hook, staff, wrist blades, a shuriken, and 3 pairs of interchangeable hands. The hands are pretty easy to swap out but you want to be careful as you would on any other Predator figure.

Overall, The Alpha Predator is an excellent figure that you need to add to your collection as he is a full detailed figure that will fit in nicely with your collection. This release does the 100th figure celebration justice. Make sure to pick him up now at one of our sponsors and affiliates below:


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