Extreme-Sets – Arena 3.0 Pop Up Diorama Review

Extreme-Sets – Arena 3.0 Pop Up Diorama Review


Extreme-Sets is offering a new wave of diorama sets to enhance your photography and toy displays right now during the quarantine we’re experiencing. This includes the Dojo 2.0, Cabin, Bar, Arena 3.0, and Building 5.0. All of these and more can be ordered now at Extreme-Sets.com.

We have an exclusive coupon code for readers – use toyhype for 15% off your order at Extreme-Sets.com now. In addition, they are also offering 25% off on orders over $120 USD when you sign up for their newsletter at this time. Arena 3.0 is priced at $84.99 before the discount.


A new venue has been selected for some arena action with the addition of the Arena 3.0 Pop-Up diorama.  Standing three feet tall, and six feet wide the Arena Pop-Up 3.0 has the rush of the crowd directly available for your action figures. Featuring a new design that has the crowd ready for action, this new Pop-Up has the bottom row as 3D row of fans that takes the action to the next level. And if that wasn’t enough, the VIP box section you see in the arena is now 3D as well. Connect two of these together, and you have the ultimate arena fan experience for your action figure photo.


  • Made of cardboard
  • Featuring a great backdrop for wrestling collections
  • 3D floor level fan seating, and 3D VIP box


  • One (1) 85 inches x 36 inches (215.9cm x 91.4cm) panel

Thank you to Extreme-Sets for providing their Arena 3.0 Pop Up Diorama for review. 

Availability: June 2020


The Arena 3.0 is massive, and is larger than the Arena 2.0 and comes with additional features that have not been offered before. The Arena 3.0 is double stacked, measuring at 3 feet tall, and 7 feet wide. This backdrop is meant to fit in with figures 6-8″ tall, and wrapping this around a ring will allow you to fully recreate the feeling of the experience in photoshoots. The crowd is the upper stands also a 3D pop out on top, which is an extra layer covering a section of the crowd.

The crowd has also been updated, and this comes with three sets of ringside stands with a 3D pop up crowd that you can place around the ring. This uses stock photography and the 3D crowd has three layers. This allows a round of realism, and works well in photography especially when they are blurred out.


The Arena 3.0 also has some instructions on the back of the box, as well as a sheet, but we found it best using images online the putting this together as the instructions weren’t always clear enough, such as the 3D pop out ringside crowd around the ring, and how to fold it up to get it to stand. The backdrop itself was fairly easy especially if you already worked with Arena 1.0 and/or 2.0, but if not, using images online helps make it much more clear on it should look.

Overall, the Arena 3.0 is an excellent diorama set that will enhance your photography and toy display. You will need plenty of room such as a table to display it on as it’s one of the widest sets that you will own from Extreme-Sets. The artwork is amazing and realistic, and it has great quality and we love the attention to detail and high-end design. This is definitely something you need to own if you’re into toy photography and displaying your figures, and especially for fans and collectors of Wrestling figures.







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