Diamond Select Toys The Nightmare Before Christmas Select 9 Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys is now offering their Nightmare Before Christmas Select 9 Figures, which includes the band members Jimi the Bass Player, Jimmy the Accordion Player, James the Sax Player, and Snowmobile Jack Skellington. This wave comes with it’s own buildable set, as opposed to spreading it out through several waves like we’ve seen with the Courtyard and Fountain, Worktable, and the Halloween Town guillotine environment. This wave comes with the Snowmobile, and a piece to build it comes with each of the three figure sets in this wave.

Over the years we’ve seen DST do remarkable work with The Nightmare Before Christmas including the Minimates line, Select and other offerings that we’ve reported about throughout each year, including conventions and trade shows. This year at New York ToyFair, we learned that the line will eventually come with an end as they’re running low on characters to do, and beyond wave 9, DST confirmed their San Diego Comic-Con 2020 box set, and they showed more waves at New York ToyFair 2020. According to that report, there’s at least 3 more waves that are confirmed.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Nightmare Before Christmas Select 9 Figures for review. 

Availability: July 2020



Each figure is packaged on the standard packaging with the images protected in the plastic tray, and the blister card includes an image of the figures on the side, and on the back includes images of this wave, along with a description.


Snowmobile Jack includes the same sculpt as previously offered, and is given a new head sculpt with goggles covering his eyes and a strap around his head. Jack is sculpted with a very thin sculpt especially with his arms and legs are twigs, and each joint on these including shoulder, elbow, hip and knee are hinge-swivel jointed. His hands and feet are swivel jointed, and his hands are skeletal just like his head sculpt, but his chest is a solid white and you don’t see the skeletal features. That is also how he looked in the movie, and his chest starts out thin, then buffs out a bit on top. The bat bow tie is attached to his chest, and his jacket is buttoned once at the bottom, and is tightly fitted to him.


All three of the band members are brown suits with black lines, and each of the suits are given a sculpted texture that gives it dome definition. The suits have a great likeness to it, and the sculpt and attention to detail given to these figures make them look on the high-end level. They are also in their white shirts, with black bow ties and buttons, and Jimi and Jimmy are in light grey boots, and Jimmy’s boots have some black deco on the bottom and the front. James is barefoot with his skeleton feet the same color as his skin. Both Jimmy and James come with acrylic figure stands and bases to help them stand, as without it, they won’t be able to stand as both figures are top heavy with thin legs. On the bases, there are pegs, but the bottom of their feet don’t have holes for the pegs, so there is no way to use that. Their instruments are also nicely detailed, sculpted and have great likenesses. Jimmy can hold his in his mouth, while James’ accordion has a strap that goes along his head, and Jimi’ guitar can be held in his hands, or stand up on its own.


The Snowmobile is the diorama piece in this wave and you need to buy all three figure sets in order to have all the pieces to this. There is very minimal assembly required, as the sack needs to be placed on top of the tiny sled. The sled is painted in green, white, red, orange, and tan sleds, with a metallic silver finish and scratches over it making it look worn and used. This is meant as a display piece as its too small for Jack to ride in it, and the small red sled is also not attached to it as its meant to be placed behind it for display.

Overall, Diamond Select Toys have once again offered a great wave of their NBX line-up, as the figures are given great sculpts and likenesses as seen in the film. Series 9 is a must especially if you are looking to complete the movie characters for your Halloween Town display.


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