Super7 ThunderCats ReAction Figures Wave 1 Review


Super7 is offering their highly anticipated ThunderCats ReAction figures that were announced at New York ToyFair 2020. This initial launch includes Lion-O, Mumm Ra (transformed) – The Ever Living, Slithe, Panthro, Jackalman and Cheetara. Each figure is scaled to 3 3/4″ and comes with their iconic accessories.

Thank you to Super7 for providing their ThunderCats ReAction Figures Wave 1 for review. 

Availability: August 2020



These ThunderCats ReAction figures are packaged on a retro inspired blister card with beautiful character art on the front in an action pose with their accessories, and on the back is a look at the rest of the figures in the wave.

Lion-O, the heroic leader of the Thundercats, is painted in his light and dark blue outfit, white along the edges of his belt, along with the red and black ThunderCats logo, light brown skin, red hair, beige forearms as well as around his chin and mouth. Included with Lion-I is the Claw Shield, the short and long versions of the Sword of Omens.

Mumm-Ra Transformed comes in his light blue skin tone, with a red and black symbol on his chest, white bandages, metallic gold armor, and a red and black outfit. The cape is made of a soft plastic and cannot be removed, with black on the outside, and red on the inside. His head sculpt includes the crown, as well as the snakes, and long black and red hair. Included with Mumm-Ra is a sword and dagger.

Panthro comes in his light grey skin tone, with a lighter tone on his chest, face and ears, and his outfit includes the dark and light blue outfit, including the red and black ThunderCats logo on his belt, metallic silver spikes on his harness, and a spiked wrist band. Included with Panthro are his nunchucks, with one painted in black, and the other in red.

Slithe is painted in his dark green skin tone, with a lighter shade on his chest, around his mouth and ears, and comes in his gold harness, with a headpiece with a red oval, brown loincloth, and some dark grey wrist bands and bull shaped head on his chest. Included with Slithe is his axe. Slithe’s tail also can swivel, giving him an extra point of articulation.

Cheetara comes in her light brown and orange outfit, with a beige skin tone, a metallic silver bracelets on her wrist. She is also given a white face, with some brown deco around the eyes, red lipstick, yellow hair with black spots, which also show up on her right shoulder. Included with Cheetara is her staff.

Jackalman comes in his orange fur, with a brown harness with a grey and red buckle on his chest, a light brown shoulder guard, a light grey bracelet, and a yellow bracelet with black spots on it, a dark brown belt with a dark green lion cloth, brown and light grey lower knee warmers. Included with Jackalman is his club.

Overall, The ThunderCats ReAction figures from Super7 came out great, with great paint applications and an overall stellar design, these will surely be a hit with the fans. The accessories all work great with the figures as well, and these fit in nicely with the ReAction figure style.


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