Jakks Pacific Elf Countdown Calendar Video Unboxing & Review


Elf was released back in 2003 and has become a holiday classic film and Buddy the Elf is synonymous with the simple joys of the festive season. For this holiday season, Jakks Pacific is offering several new Countdown Calendars that you need to own, including this Elf set, as well as the Gremlins Calendar that many of you have been interested in reading about. In addition to these calendars, they also have a 12″ Buddy the Elf talking plush figure is also featured in the video, and you can check out all the phrases with Will Ferrell’s voice. Buddy features a vinyl head sculpted in Ferrell’s likeness and can sit up straight to serve as a lookout for Santa or evildoers.

You can count down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar that includes 24 days of Elf-themed surprises. The calendar includes 1-inch, stylized figures that represent characters that Buddy meets on his way from the North Pole to Manhattan. The box doubles as a pop-up environment perfect for use as a diorama for play and display. Includes Buddy, Papa Elf, Leon the Snowman, and more.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their Elf Countdown Calendar for review. 

Availability: August 2020



The Gremlins Countdown Calendar features 31 days, December 1st – December 31st, and 24 Elf themed characters to open and collect. Each of the days are numbered and like other calendars, you have to open each tab to see what’s inside.

The Countdown Calendar is inspired from the movie Elf from 2003, which is a holiday classic. This Countdown Calendar starts on December 1st, and goes right up to Christmas Eve, giving you two dozen characters and scenery inspired from the movie. This includes several different Elves, Will Farrell as Buddy, animals, a Christmas tree, a candy cane, a North pole sign, Papa Elf, Leon the Snowman, four snow balls, and more. The Christmas tree and candy cane require some assembly, and the parts come in different days. Each of the figures are non-articulated, but have some bendy arms as they are made with soft plastic. Each of the figures are also stylized and animated inspired, and not solely movie inspired, but the likeness is there and you know what character it is just by looking at it.

In the video, we did an unboxing and review, and you can take a closer look at this set in order of each of the 24 days and know exactly what you’re getting. We also did a demonstration for the 12″ Elf plush in the beginning of the video.

Overall, the Elf Countdown Calendar is a lot of fun to display and play with, and features a great item to add to your collection. It’s a great set to own, so make sure to pick this up now at one of the stores listed below:


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