NECA Toys Gremlins – Ultimate Flasher Gremlins 7″ Scale Figure Review


NECA Toys Gremlins line expands with their Ultimate Flasher figure that is available now, and this one is surely a figure that you don’t want to miss out on. The Ultimate Flasher Gremlin includes a removable trench coat to recreate the iconic scene from the film. However, a number of additional accessories are included, including a fedora, four cigarettes, sunglasses, poker chips, a visor, playing cards a mallet, a bowtie, and a puppet.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Gremlins – Ultimate Flasher Gremlins figure for review. 

Availability: July 2020



The Ultimate Flasher Gremlins is packaged in a deluxe 5 panel window box packaging featuring new artwork by Jason Edmiston, and the artwork on this looks great. On the back are images of the figure along with a description. The opening flap includes another image of the figure, and the Flasher Gremlin is in a plastic tray along with his accessories.


The Ultimate Flasher Gremlin figure is based off the Dorry’s Tavern scene in the film, and the base of the body uses the same mold we’ve seen with Ultimate Stripe and other Gremlin figures that we’ve seen. The sculpt continues to be a great one for Gremlins especially the great attention to detail with the paint applications applied, and as you can see, the Flasher Gremlin is a great addition to the line. His body has painted stripes on the arms, legs, ears, and even that light color on his chest. The knees and shoulders have the same sculpted pattern, which also looks great.

The sculpt also includes a nicely done sculpted texture, giving the skin a rough feel and looks screen accurate to the film. All the joints on this figure work well with the exception of the ankles, as the figure is top heavy, which causes him to fall over unless the ankles are positioned in a certain way.

This release offers a fabric coat, which includes buttons, and a tie around it to keep it closed. The attention to detail on this also came out great, and fits the figure perfectly. His head sculpt is equally as impressive, and the attention to details on the face, including the eyes and mouth are remarkable. The mouth includes a hinged jaw so you can see the interior of it, and with his nicely sculpted teeth, the Flasher Gremlin looks like a menacing character.


Flasher Gremlin includes a variety of accessories as seen in the film, including from Dorry’s Tavern. This includes a poker visor that rest on his head, glasses, poker chips, a mallet, a puppet, a fedora, and a bowtie that can be placed around his neck.


The puppet can be swapped for one of his heads, and also includes sculpted textures and great paint applications. He also comes with a interchangeable right hand that can hold the mallet.


The Flasher Gremlin also includes four cigarettes that can be placed in his mouth, and each are nicely sculpted and painted. The ends are painted to look as though they have been lit, which is a great feature and these look very accurate.


The fedora just sits on top of his head like the visor, and tends to fall off easily if the figure is moved. The glasses fit on the figure perfectly and once put on, they will not fall off. The shades do look too big for his head, but they did in the movie as well, so these work for this figure.

Overall, the Flasher Gremlin is an excellent figure with a great sculpt, excellent deco and attention to detail, and he makes a great addition to the Gremlins line. The accessories are equally as impressive, and gives you the option to buy multiples just to see a lot of these at once on your shelf.


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