NECA Toys Iron Maiden 8″ Clothed Powerslave Pharaoh Eddie Figure Review

NECA Toys Iron Maiden 8″ Clothed Powerslave Pharaoh Eddie Figure Review


NECA Toys is offering their newly released Iron Maiden 8″ Clothed Pharaoh Eddie Figure, which is the mascot of the band. Pharaoh Eddie comes in fabric bandages and a pharaoh’s regalia, a sword and a staff. In 1984, Iron Maiden released their Powerslave album, which included Egyptian themed artwork, with Eddie as the centerpiece of their cover. This theme was later carried over to the subsequent World Slavery Tour, which ran from August 1984 until July 1985. Eddie became part of the band’s set for the remainder of their time, and in recent years, we’ve seen action figures made of him, including this newly released 8″ Clothed figure by NECA.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Iron Maiden 8″ Clothed Pharaoh Eddie Figure for review. 

Availability: July 2020

The Powerslave Pharaoh Eddie figure is packaged in a window box that includes beautifully done artwork inspired of the album art, which is Egyptian themed. The artwork, including the interior insert behind the plastic tray, looks amazing and they did a great job on this.


The Powerslave Pharaoh Eddie is very similarly done as 2014’s World Slavery Tour Eddie figure, with Mummy-like fabric bandages wrapped around the entire figure, and these bandages are thin and are very tightly wrapped around the figure. This is a very impressive look and it gives a sense of a realistic feel and design to the figure, as the bandages also have a rough texture being that they’re made of fabric. Being that the fabric are tight to the body, some of the points of articulation are hard to move, such as the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, which are key points to any figure. There is enough range of motion however to create some dynamic poses, and being that he’s a mummy, the articulation on him doesn’t need to be overly complex.

The wrappings are also heavily weathered with paint and frayed, which is also a great look and it makes him look aging and old just like a real mummy’s bandages. This is also a nice stark contract to the bright colored blue and gold used on the headdress and skirt.

His head sculpt also looks incredible sculpt and detailed and his face deco includes a number of washes to bring out the thick wrinkles on his face, while the headdress is much cleaner looking. The headdress, is painted in the gold and blue deco, and there is some paint bleeding on this particular sample as this looks to have been hand painted at the factory.


Included with Eddie is the sword and staff, which can fit into his hands. The base of the staff can be removed, making it a lot easier for the hands to grip it and it just slides down his hand. The staff is a sturdy plastic, with no warping, but is also on the fragile side. The sword, also called a khopesh, is painted in the blue and gold deco as seen on the figure. The sword is also made of a harder, sturdy plastic which should make warping a lot less likely.

Overall, the Powerslave Pharaoh Eddie is an excellent figure with great attention to detail, superior quality for the bandages and paint washes, and an overall great likeness. This is surely one you can’t miss especially if you’re buying the 8″ clothed line or the 7″ scale Ultimate lines that NECA is putting out. This makes a great addition to your growing collection, especially in film, television, or if just like really cool looking figures.


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