Jakks Pacific Super Mario – Deluxe Boo Mansion Playset Review


This years largest Super Mario Brothers playset by Jakks Pacific is their Deluxe Boo Mansion that is available now, and is inspired by the classic Nintendo video game. This playset is the third offering of this size, and for the first-time, you have the ability to pose Mario inside Boo’s Mansion and this set focuses on doors that feature a lift that moves up and down, and side to side, and allows Mario to move around and open each door. There is a total of four functioning doors, including a trick door to reveal a boo decal and a King Boo that sways side to side. Also included with this set if a reissue of Fire Mario.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their Deluxe Boo Mansion Playset for review. 

Availability: September 2020



The Deluxe Boo Mansion is packaged in a box with nicely done artwork inspired from the game, and a lot at the playset inside. There are also some details such as there’s a total of 9 pieces inside (it also specifies 10, and it could mean that they’re counting Fire Mario with that final count), and some instructions on how to move Fire Mario around the playset using the lift.


The Deluxe Boo Mansion is inspired from the Super Mario video game, and includes five opening doors, four of which are connected to the wall, and the other is placed in front and features Boo inside as a surprise. Most of the artwork, such as Boo, King Boo, and the haunted house are stickers that were placed on at the factory, and they did a great job on the likenesses. The four doors are part of a functioning lift in back, where you can lift it up or down, or side by side to have Fire Mario enter any of those doors. Each door includes a platform in front that are snapped in as assembly is required.



Boo is also featured on either side of the back, and can spin around to reveal his tongue sticking out, or an injured boo as shown.


King Boo is shown in the front and can swivel side to side, and he also a sticker on a plastic backing.

Fire Mario himself is a new design and part of the 2.5″ sculpt. This release has two swivel shoulders, and a swivel head, and as you can see, the entire sculpt, including the deco on the overalls has changed. The overalls are in a metallic darker red, which looks great on him. He keeps the likeness with the white shirt, yellow buttons, white hat and the red M on his hat, and brown shoes. The facial details has also changed, and his mouth is now hidden under his mustache.


The Deluxe Boo Castle is large enough to place several figures around it as shown, including the floor board base and steps in front of the doors. There is also room to place figure on the top, which has two additional platforms.

Overall, the Deluxe Boo Castle is another great offering and a welcome addition to the Mario Mario 2.5″ line. Jakks has been doing such a great job on this line and each of these playsets are surely worth checking out for your collection. Make sure to pick up the Deluxe Boo Castle as this is surely going to be one to remember.


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