ToyHypeUSA Presents Our Top 10 Choices For Marvel Legends For 2021 & Beyond

ToyHypeUSA Presents Our Top 10 Choices For Marvel Legends For 2021 & Beyond

The new era of Marvel Legends is undoubtedly the best time for this line, as Hasbro continues to focus on both classic and modern designs, characters, and sticking with current trends. We’ve complied a list of our Top 10 requests right now that haven’t been announced, and we feel that any of these characters deserve to be included in the line!

1. X-Men The Animated Series – Morph

Morph was recently added to the Age of Apocalypse line-up this year, so Hasbro is giving this character some attention. That release focuses on a parallel dimension version of Morph, and the one we’re talking about is from the early 1990’s X-Men The Animated Series. Morph was a member of the X-Men and had some notable appearances in the show, including his supposed death at the hands of a Sentinel in their first encounter with these giant mutant hunters. Morph is a shapeshifter, and overall just a fun addition to the show. Later on, he was found alive but controlled by Mr. Sinister, making him an evil version of himself that actually was a different personality than the X-Men knew.

Since Hasbro is focusing a lot on 90’s Marvel right now, Morph would make a great addition to this line.


2. Fantastic Four – The Animated Series

Hasbro did offer 90’s versions of the Fantastic Four a few years ago as Walgreens exclusives, but those were, and still could be hard to come by not to mention expensive. They did offer the team again in more modern outfits, which was great and all, but not a personal favorite and it’s not a great as a design as what they had back in the 90’s.

Since we’re unclear if Hasbro can re-issue 90’s version of the Fantastic Four, but interestingly enough other Walgreens exclusives figures have seen release the following year outside the store, we’re hoping they can do something better. Offer Fantastic Four (1994) animated series figures that many of you reading this grew up watching. Since they are offering Dr. Doom in retro animated deco and packaging, now would be a great time to bring the FF back!


3. Spider-Man The Animated Series – Captain America

I don’t know about most of you, but it’s getting to a point where Captain America is getting a bit repetitive in this line, even if they change the designs of the outfit, they’ve gotten too many comic and movie based figures out right now, so it’s time to change things up and offer something different. The same could definitely be said about Iron Man.

Captain America made several notable appearances in Spider-Man The Animated Series, which are The Secret War, and Captain America and The Six American Warriors were two of the best storylines from that show. Something like this would defiantly be refreshing and a welcome addition considering that Hasbro are offering other figures from this series right now, so it’s very possible to see Captain America join the line, in retro style packaging, nd in this shade of blue.


So we’ve gone pretty heavy with the animated figures, right? There are a lot more choices from this that could easily fill up all 10 spots here. Mutant Smythe, Iron Man, Mary Jane, The Mandarin, Incredible Hulk and so on. We could go pretty obscure too just because this era was so good with Marvel, and in my personal opinion, much better than the cartoons of today. So we’re going to stop here… for now, and focus more on other forms of entertainment and what to base characters on.

4. Marvel Comics 1990’s Banshee

Banshee is by far one of the X-Men characters in desperate need of a modern update in this line. We’ve seen him before very early on in the AnnihIlus wave,  but now we want to see him given a another figure with the same great sculpting style that Hasbro is giving these figures right now. Who’s with me?


5. Marvel Comics 1990’s Lilandra

We have Gladiator, but there’s been no one for him to protect, so we’re hoping that Lilandra is closer to getting a figure as Hasbro is focusing on 90’s X-Men right now. Lilandra is the Empress of the Shi’ar Empire and shares a bond with Charles Xavier. She had a memorable role in the Phoenix Saga, and we just can’t have Gladiator along on the toy shelf anymore. Between her, and at least most members of the Imperial Guard would be ideal to have.


6. Marvel Comics 1990’s Shi’ar Royal Guard – All of these characters!

Hasbro offered Gladiator… twice (one for SDCC, and one as a general release), but then just stopped. A complete team would be appreciated! Just look at the great designs of these characters, and you know how cool they would make as figures, especially right now! Warstar would make a great choice as a Build-A-Figure for an X-Men wave, but a wave of just the Shi’ar Royal Guard might not do well as these are pretty obscure characters. Perhaps mix in a few at a time with X-Men themed waves and go from there. Warstar was once offered by Toybiz in the mid 90’s as a 5″ figure, so there is that nostalgia that would work for him.


7. Marvel Comics 1990’s Starjammers

Corsair the Father of Cyclops and Alex Summers, Ch’od and Raza, along with Hepziba would make ideal candidates for this line right now. The Starhammers, based on the 1990 comic book would be ideal for this line, as Hasbro is focusing on 90’s Marvel, especially X-Men and classic story telling. A box set of 4 might be way to go for this though, as these characters are a bit obscure and most fans that would want this would want a complete team right away.


8. The Watcher

The Watcher sees all, but for whatever reason, has never been in the Marvel Legends line by either Toy Biz or Hasbro for one reason or another. He did make it into the Marvel Select line, which was a great figure. The Watcher was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and he is part of race that watches and keeps an eye on the Universe. It was the Watcher that warned the Fantastic Four of the coming of Galactus, and whenever he shows up, something big and bad is about to happen. This would be an ideal choice as a Deluxe offering or as a Build-A-Figure.

9. Random

He was once released by Toy Biz back in the 5″ Marvel line of X-Men figures that they were offering back in the 1990’s, but since then, we’ve haven’t seen him in plastic form. Since Hasbro is offering some 90’s X-Force characters, Random seems to fit right in with that and you know they’ll do it right especially with today’s sculpting and attention to detail.


10. Marvel Comics – Mutant X

Back in the late 1990’s, Marvel offered a comic book series called Mutant X, which I actually have a reader question published in one of those issues back in the day. A wave of Mutant X figures seems unlikely, but some characters making it in Marvel Legends would be ideal, such as Havok, the Goblin Queen, The Fallen, Bloodstorm, Magneto and others.


Thanks for reading, and just know that this was submitted to Hasbro for review. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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