Jakks Pacific Super Mario – Blue Toad, Bone Piranha Plant & Bowser Jr. 4″ Figures Review


Jakks Pacific is offering a new wave of their popular Super Mario 4″ figure line-up inspired from the hit video game Super Mario, which includes Jakks Pacific Super Mario – Blue Toad, Bone Piranha Plant and Bowser Jr. Blue Toad is a variation of Toad and is extremely brave as he teams up with Mario to rescue Princess Peach. The Bone Piranha Plant are a variety of undead Piranha Plant debuting in New Super Mario Bros. 2. They are skeletal versions of normal Piranha Plants with some changes, such as a grayish cranium, holes rather than spots, light cyan lips, vertebrae instead of a plant stalk, and dark, gray leaves that appear dead. Bowser Jr. is the son of Bowser, and resembles his fathers baby form. Bowser Jr. is equally as dangerous as his father, and sets out to capture Princess Peach, forcing Mario and Luigi to rescue her.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their Super Mario – Blue Toad, Bone Piranha Plant & Bowser Jr. 4″ Figures for review. 



Availability: September 2020

Each figure is packaged on the standard blister card, with nicely done artwork on the front. The back features images of the figure, a bio, and a look at additional figures that are also available.


Bowser Jr. is given a reissue and comes with a great likeness to the game. Bowser Jr. comes in his classic bib with the teeth and mouth that looks to have been hand drawn, and it’s tied around the back of his neck. He includes the standard Koopa Troopa likeness, with the shell on his back,  that is painted in green and a white trim, with brown and beige spikes. He also has black wrist bands on both arms. His head sculpt is nicely done and he’s given a great likeness to the game. The orange hair, eyes, and the mouth are especially well done. Included with Bowser Jr. is a Bob-omb.


Blue Road is a color variation, and he’s also given a great sculpt and overall likeness. He is painted in a white and blue mushroom top, with a blue and gold vest, white shorts, brown shoes, and the paint applications and neat and clean. His facial details are nicely done, including his mouth that is sculpted, rather than simply painted. Included with Toad is a yellow and white question box.


Bone Piranha Plant is a variation of the Piranha Plant and is given a skeletal structure, and is an undead Piranha Plant. The skeletal structure is seen on the stem, top and bottom of the head, and the leafs are also painted in grey. His mouth is hinged and he can open and close it, and he’s given light blue lips, with white teeth, and black inside the mouth. He sits in a standard green planting pot as seen in the game and with the standard Piranha Plant. He comes with a standard gold coin.

Overall, Jakks continues to offer such great looking figures especially at the $10 price point. Each of these have incredible likenesses and superior amount of detail offered. These are definitely recommended especially if you’re a gamer and a fan of Super Mario.


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