LEGO Jurassic Park 75936 T. Rex Rampage Set Review


One of this years hottest releases from LEGO is their Jurassic Park 75936 T. Rex Rampage set that is inspired from the classic 1993 movie. This set features 3,120 pieces and includes a Tyrannosaurus that is fully posable and articulated, the main Jurassic Park gate with iconic movie moments displays on the back, and six mini-figures, John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant, Ray Arnold and Dennis Nedry, and a bonus baby dinosaur Raptor figure.

The trigger-activated gate is framed by a wall incorporating 7 detailed, brick-built scenes inspired by the movie, such as John Hammond’s dining room, Ray Arnold’s control room and a bunker for Ian Malcolm. A must-have for Jurassic World fans, this toy construction set includes 6 minifigures and baby dinosaur figure, plus a minifigure display stand with T. rex facts plate.

Thank you to LEGO for providing their Jurassic Park 75936 T. Rex Rampage Set for review. 



Availability: 2020

The T. Rex Rampage set is packaged in a standard LEGO box with beautifully done artwork of the set, and a landscape behind it. The sides have images of the sets inside, and the back has a closer look at the details of the gate, including a look at the interiors, and images of the gate opened and the T-Rex all in a landscape setting. The set is organized by 15 different bags, with most of the them having doubles (or triples as #15 has), two books with step by step instructions, and a sticker sheet.


The T-Rex measures over 8″ high, 27″ long and 6″ wide, and is a fully articulated figure with a wide range of movement and an incredible likeness. The jaw and tongue are hinged and allow it to open and close. The head is ball jointed, and he’s given a hinged neck that allows him to move his head down to pick something up. The hips are hinged and swivel, and the body can be raised and lowered. The arms are ball jointed at the shoulders and elbows, and the fingers are hinged. The tail has swivel joints allowing him to swipe the tail on both sides, and the tip of it is ball jointed.

The T-Rex is mostly made up of light and dark brown pieces, with a beige body, and some grey pieces for the legs and arms. The inside of the mouth is red, as is the tongue, and he’s given white teeth. The T-Rex is longer and larger than you’d think, and they really did a great job capturing the likeness while giving him a complex design with some film accurate movement and articulation.


The mini-figures in this set includes John Hammond with a torch, Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant with a Raptor claw, Ray Arnold and Dennis Nedry, along with a baby dinosaur. Some of these figures includes alternate facial expressions that look surprised or even scarred.


The other primary piece in this set is the iconic front gate to Jurassic Park, with a functional door that opens and closes and some key movie scenes from the film. The Front Gate stands at over 16″ high, 18″ wide and 5″ depth. The base consists of the road going to Jurassic Park, along with the tracks for the Jeep, and there are plants and flowers on either side of it, with some moss and plans attached to the gate. The Jurassic Park sign is consisted of stickers that are put on the pieces, and this was very nicely designed. There are also some hidden rooms on the sides of it, including a bunker with weapons, and a chamber hidden on the other side of the Power Shed where Ellie put the power back on.


The back of the gate is where most of the detail is offered, and this is where you’re going to find those rooms to place your figures. This includes a bunker with bed for Ian Malcolm and accessories such as a flashlight and fire extinguisher and a ladder along with additional items on the display case. John Hammond’s dining room includes one chair, with a table of food that includes ice cream and a spoon, green jello and more.


Dennis Nerdy has the mud slide and shaving cream can with the dinosaur DNA hidden inside, and this is based on his attempt to escape the Island after he shut everything down. The alternate face is the venom from the Dilophosaurus. Ellie includes the Power Shed where she successfully restores power, only to find a deceased Mr. Arnold’s arm sticking out of the gate, which is also part of this display.


Ray Arnold’s Control Room includes three computers, and a rotating chair. Also included is the bathroom with bamboo walls and a toilet seat, which is based on the bathroom shown during the encounter with the T-Rex at the Jeeps.


The top of the set includes a hatched dinosaur eggs and nest that Dr. Grant examines. This also includes plants growing on either side, and platforms to place figures. The piece in the center of this is how the doors can be opened and closed, and you need to turn that to make it happen.

Overall, the Jurassic Park 75936 T. Rex Rampage Set is an amazing offering with some incredible detail and movie likenesses that fans are surely going to love. Every aspect about this set, including the T-Rex, Front Gate and mini-figures look incredible and this makes one great piece for display. It’s not everyday we get the Front Gate of Jurassic Park in toy form due to its size, and LEGO surely offered something special here. Hopefully more sets like this are coming, and we’re having a need for some Jeeps after putting this set to together. Make sure to pick this up and make it one of this years wishes this holiday season.