NECA Toys Back To The Future – Target Exclusive Ultimate Tales From Space Marty Figure Review

NECA Toys Back To The Future – Target Exclusive Ultimate Tales From Space Marty Figure Review


NECA Toys is now offering their Back To The Future Tales From Space – Marty Ultimate Figure that is based on the first film. This figure is inspired from the Tales From Space comic book from the film, where a hostile race of aliens travel from Pluto, and their spaceships look very much like the DeLorean time machine, as well as an alien in a yellow suit just like Marty McFly’s radiation suit. This comic book was in Sherman’s possession when the DeLorean time machine slammed into their barn, and he believed that the spaceman had mutated into human form when Marty took off his helmet.

This figure is available exclusively at Target now, and is priced at $29.99.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Back To The Future – Target Exclusive Ultimate Tales From Space Marty Figure for review.

Availability: October 2020 – Target Exclusive

Marty is packaged in a window box with comic book artwork on the cover, sides, and images of the figure on the back along with a description. The opening flap includes an image of the figure, and he is in a plastic tray along with his accessories.


Marty comes in his hazmat suit as seen in Back to the Future, and this suit is painted in a dark and light shade of yellow, with a metallic silver zipper and orange triangles at the bottom of the pants. The belt buckle is also painted in black, with the button and buckle in the back also in black. The suit also has sculpted wrinkles and the torso part is made of a soft plastic, and the arms and legs are hard plastic. The gloves are painted in a light brown, with the hazard symbol painted in black on both sides of the gloves. Interestingly enough, he’s not completely protected from radiation as his sneakers are on. The sneakers are painted in white with a wash, that makes them look worn and dirty, and red stripes on the sides.


The hazmat suit has a few different options to be displayed as the head sculpt and hood with the helmet and protective face plate. There are two different ways to display him with the protective gear in place, including four yellow hood pieces, all of which connect to the helmet and face plate as shown. The face plate can also be lowered to protect his face as is hinged.


An extra head sculpt is included, with a slightly different expression, and each of the facial details came out great with an incredible likeness to Michael J. Fox. The head sculpts have some great paint applications and attention to detail. This other head sculpt, as shown above, does not have the helmet and face plate attached, and is in fact just a standard head.


Marty includes an extra head piece that he cane hold, and cannot be placed on his head. This includes the hood, face plate and all accessories attached, but offered as a single piece.


He also comes with a hair dryer that he can hold in his right hand, and a cassette player with headphones he can hold in his left hand. Both of these have cords made of a soft plastic, with the hair dryer having plugs on the cord to plug into the outlet.

Overall, the Tales From Space Marty Figure is an excellent figure with a great likeness and given incredible amount of detail. The hazmat suit and accessories are so well done and look just like it does in the film. The head sculpts also have such great likeness and incredible amount of detail as you would expect, and you surely won’t be disappointed. NECA is the first company to tackle this franchise with movie accurate figures such as these, and they are doing such a great job. Make sure to start picking these up now.



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