NECA Toys Terminator 2: Judgment Day Sarah Connor & John Connor 2 Pack Figure Review


NECA Toys are offering a Terminator 2: Judgment Day Sarah Connor & John Connor figure 2-pack that gives you another chance to obtain both figures. Sarah Connor comes with all of her previous accessories, and is a reissue from 2016, and John Connor is offered with reduced accessories (he will not come with the SDCC 2019 exclusive motorcycle and interchangeable head sculpt). This is the first-time outside of Comic-Con that you will have the opportunity to obtain John Connor in this line, and if you have done so already, it’ll be wise to buy this set to have a complete Terminator 2 figure line.

This set is exclusively available to Target Stores in the U.S., and is also available to international fans at Zavvi U.K.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Terminator 2: Judgment Day Sarah Connor & John Connor 2 Pack Figures for review. 


Availability: October 2020

Sarah and John Connor are packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with beauitfyly done artwork on the from inspired from numerous scenes from the film, images and the Terminator logo on the sides, and images of the figures and a description on the back. The opening flap also includes images of the figures, and the figures are packaged in a plastic tray along with their accessories.


Sarah Connor is offered again and uses the same sculpt we saw back in 2016, in her tactical gear and removable vest. She features an even better likeness to Actors Linda Hamilton, with updated facial deco, including painted lips. She is sculpted in a black and grey tactical outfit, with a tactical vest over her grey shirt. The belt includes silver buttons and a buckle, and the entire outfit has its own texture to it, which gives her a realistic look and feel. There are also realistic folds in the clothing and pockets in her pants and vest. The belt also has a knife sheath sculpted to it.

She also comes with the same great head sculpts that were previously offered, and each are giving her a unique look that distinguishes itself. The head sculpts include a ponytail with a tactical hat and glasses, ponytail, and long hair. Each head sculpt is very well done and the hair has individual textures giving it a realistic look and feel.

She also has the ability to hold the rifle over her shoulder due to the fact that it’s attached to a strap. Her right hand is best used to hold one of the three guns, but is too small to hold the knife, and the left hand is in an open position and is meant to hold the rifle or shotgun.


John Connor is offered for the first-time outside of San Diego Comic-Con as he was one of the exclusives back in 2019. This release comes with a newly painted jacket that includes camouflage deco, and some new deco on the face that also includes painted lips. As you might be aware, the SDCC release had a solid green painted jacket, and you can check out comparisons in the photogallery and in the video. The figure also comes in blue jeans, black and white shoes (the black is also darker than the SDCC version). The cloths look great and realistic, and there is a lot of great detail and paint washes.

The head sculpt has an even better likeness with the new added deco, and includes nicely done facial details. This release however only has the one head sculpt, whereas the SDCC release had two. Included with John Connor is a blue backpack (that is painted in a darker blue), hacking device, and Endoskeleton arm in display case. The acrylic display is removable, but the arm is non-articulated.

Overall, the Terminator 2 collection is basically complete now that we have John Connor offered in the mainstream line, and this is surely a great set. The new deco on both figures differentiate themselves from the previous releases, as they should, and each features great likeness and attention to detail. These are definitely worth adding to your collection, even if you already own the previous versions.



Zavvi U.K.

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