NECA Toys Back To School Gremlins 7″ Scale Figure Review


The Back To School Gremlin figure from NECA Toys is ready for his first day back after summer vacation, and comes with some great accessories. The figure is based on the 1984 newspaper advertisements that Warner Brothers had run to promote the film, which the ads featured art from Greg Winters. He had also worked on the films poster, as well as several video game box art. This figure is based on the newspaper ad, and joins the Summer Games Gremlin that was released back at SDCC 2020, and the upcoming Santa Gremlin.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Back To School Gremlins figure for review. 



Availability: October 2020 – Target Exclusive

The Back To School Gremlin figure is packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with beautifully done artwork on the front, sides, and images and a description of the figure on the back. The opening flap includes an image of him, and he is packaged in a window tray along with his accessories.


The Back To School Gremlin figure uses the Ultimate Gremlin body, and given some new clothing that is tailored really well, and fits perfectly over his body. The clothing uses fabric and is as detailed as the figure himself. By now, you probably are aware of the overall Gremlin body and high-end attention to detail and sculpted textures that NECA gives these figures, and that is the case here as well. The paint applications includes stripes and other great Gremlin characteristics as seen in the movie, such as the lines on the ears and face, the attention to detail for the ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

This sculpt and deco continues to work great for the Gremlins figures, which looks to be movie-accurate. The skin features sculpted texture as previously seen, and he has the same articulation as previous figures offered.


What is new about this release is the head sculpt, and one key detail here is that the hat is sculpted on top, as opposed to placing the hat on top like other Gremlin releases had. This allows the hat to actually stay on and not fall off easily, which is a great for this solution. The jaw is hinged, and the ears can be pushed back as there is a hinge joint on them as well.

The hat is also nicely done, and has the letter G on top (probably for Gremlin), and is painted in white, blue and red, and the letter is in purple.

The Back To School Gremlin comes with some accessories for his first day, including a Bus Stop sign in yellow with black text, and a grey base, school books sculpted together, a baseball glove, a baseball, and a school lunch box inspired from the 80’s, and there is Gizmo and a Gremlin on either side. He also comes with an interchangeable right hand. The lunch box can also open up, and has images on the sides. The bottom has the rules for caring for a Mogwaii printed on. The lunch box’ paint applications are also on the fragile side and might rub off if you scratch it, so be careful with it.


Overall, this Gremlin figure is amazingly detailed and they really went all out on this release. The fabric cloths, great figure sculpt, paint applications, and even the lunch box all make a terrific figure. If anything, the lunch box alone is reason enough to buy the set, as that is one of the best accessories to have ever been offered with a Gremlins figure.



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