NECA Toys Halloween II – Doctor Loomis & Laurie Strode Figure 2-Pack Review


NECA Toys is offering their Halloween II – Doctor Loomis & Laurie Strode 2-Pack that is based on this classic 1981 film. In the film, Michael Myers has been shot multiple times, escapes into the cover of darkness as the horrors of the night become known to the town of Haddonfield. Laurie Strode, also injured, is sent to Haddonfield Hospital to recover from her battle with Michael Myers. There, she, and Doctor Loomis must stop Michael as he rampages through the hospital. This set features Laurie and Loomis from the final scenes of Halloween 2, as they battle Michael Myers in the hospital. Each includes a pistol, and interchangeable hand, and a Halloween 2 pumpkin from the opening credits.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Halloween II – Doctor Loomis & Laurie Strode Figure 2-Pack for review. 

Availability: October 2020

Doctor Loomis and Laurie Strode are packaged in a window box, with images of the figures on the sides and back. The back also shows you the accessories, as well a showing recreated scenes from the end of Halloween II. The figures are shown in front along with their accessories that are safely placed in a plastic tray.


This set is inspired from the showdown at the hospital and offers you Doctor Loomis and Laurie Strode as they appeared in the film, and NECA’s sculptor Trevor Grove have done a fantastic job on these, especially the head sculpts that has the likenesses of Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis. The attention to detail on the head sculpts, including the facial details on both of these looks fantastic, especially the eyes, the wrinkles on Loomis’ face, the sculpted hair and expressions all look great.

Both figures are part of the 8″ Clothed line, and are given fabric clothes that look just like they did in the film. Doctor Loomis comes in a light grey jacket, brown vest and pants, a white undershirt, a black tie, and brown dress shoes with a wash that makes them look realistic. Laurie comes in her hospital gown, that has some blood on the left shoulder, and her right wrist is also bandaged with blood stains from her injuries.

Doctor Loomis and Laurie look to use the same bodies that were used for They Live figures, with Doctor Loomis featuring better articulation and proportions. The articulation for both of these figures is mostly solid and comes with what you would expect from this line. Laurie’s hips have the same oddity as what we saw with They Live set, as the hips are connected straight up into the body, as opposed to the way we see on all the other figures. This makes it harder to get anything but a regular standing pose. Doctor Loomis is also somewhat difficult to stand, at least this particular sample due to how the feet, legs and hips are sculpted. I had to use a figure base just to get him to stand up straight, so you might want to invest in a figure stand that NECA makes to use for him.


Overall, this Halloween set is absolutely worth adding to your NECA horror toy collection as you definitely need Doctor Loomis and this version of Laurie in your collection. We also suggest picking up their 8″ Clothed Michael Myers figures to go with this set, which is also shown in the gallery.


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