NECA Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Walmart Exclusive Foot Soldier 2-Pack Figures Review


The Foot Soldier is one of this years hottest toy releases especially offered in this army builder 2-pack that is perfect for your toy displays and diorama’s. This set is offered now as a Wal-Mart Exclusive and can be found in stores. This set is going to be important to fans especially as this is the first release outside of San Diego Comic-Con for that Weapons Rack we saw in the 4-pack, along with an assortment of weapons also previously offered. This is a great set and a great army builder set for those that need more Foot Soldiers in their collections, and now you have all the figures, and accessories outside of San Diego Comic-Con that you can own.



Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Walmart Exclusive Foot Soldier 2-Pack Figures for review. 

Availability: October 2020

The figures are packaged in a window box with nicely done artwork inspired from the film, including images of the Turtles on the front, images of the Foot Soldiers figures on the sides, and images of these figures on the back along with a description.


The Foot Soldier features the same sculpt as previously released, with various sculpted textures and details throughout the costume. He comes updated with the pants given more of a wash over it compared to the SDCC version. This new deco is brings out the sculpted details in this figure, and even makes him brighter under light. The cloth belt is also darker and the symbol on the bandana doesn’t have the silver deco around it. The cloth belt can also be used to store the sais, which is a great feature.


The head sculpt is nicely done and they captured a great likeness to this figure. The sculpted details in the eyes and mouth piece all look great, and he is given a red bandana, with a symbol and a black wash over it.

Included with the Foot Soldier are four sets of interchangeable hand sculpts, which includes two closed fisted, two open fisted hands that can hold the accessories, and two open hands. Also included is an axe, a sword, nightstick, 2 sais, bo staff, and two different nunchucks, and an interchangeable back of the bandana. This set also features the Weapons Rack, which was previously only exclusive at SDCC.


Overall, these are great times to be a Turtles fan and these figures are the definitive versions of the 1990’s movie that you need to own. The likenesses are better with some of the best updated deco we’ve seen on these. Even if you have the SDCC set, it is recommended that you go pick these up as well, as you won’t be disappointed. NECA has said that they will be offering Turtles figures for the foreseeable future, which only means more great figures are on the horizon, which is great news for the longevity of the line. Make sure to pick these up now exclusively at Wal-Mart (but do stay safe if you decide to go into the store). We recommend calling ahead and trying to track one of these down that way.



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