Bandai America Dragon Ball Super – Dragon Stars World Martial Arts Tournament Stage Playset Review


Bandai America is now offering their Dragon Ball Super – Dragon Stars World Martial Arts Tournament Stage Playset that is one of this years most anticipated offerings. We had our first-look at this playset at this years New York ToyFair, which they packed it with Dragon Ball Stars figures to showcase. The playset comes with interchangeable floor panels and can break apart as the battle rages on.


Thank you to Bandai America for providing their Dragon Ball Super – Dragon Stars World Martial Arts Tournament Stage Playset for review. 

Availability: December 2020

The Dragon Stars World Martial Arts Tournament Stage Playset is packaged in a box, with artwork and images of the set featured on the front, sides and back. Also on the back is a look at the interchangeable parts, including how the set breaks apart. Also shown on the back is a look at many of the Dragon Ball Stars figures that are also available.

The World Martial Arts Tournament Stage Playset measures 9″ high and almost 12″ in length and depth, and is inspired from its appearance in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. This is the first playset in the line, and it’s incredibly detailed. Assembly is required, and each part snaps into place as specified on the instructions.


The playset features interchangeable floor plans, with a standard floor to match the area around it, and one that has been completely broken apart turned to rubble. The floor panels are easy to swap out, and it’s best to push up from underneath to switch them. The columns on the left side also break apart, and you can place those three pieces around the set. The sign on top can also swivel to either side, and shows the immense combat taken place on the stage.

The writing on the signs are in Japanese as seen on the show, and there are some nicely done sculpted faces, as you remember from the series. The World Martial Arts Tournament Stage, also called the Tenkaichi Boudokai Arena, has room to store several figures behind the pillars, so you can have an audience watch the fights. It can also hold as many as 25 figures on the stage at once, depending on which characters you choose to display.


Overall, the World Martial Arts Tournament Stage is an excellent offering and truly a great playset to showcase your collection. The is really a terrific set, and definitely something you should add to your collection, either for photography purposes or just for play value, you’re going to be very happy with this one. The stage itself isn’t meant to connect if you decided to buy more than one of these, and there is a lip around the edges on all three sides that will leave a gap between the stages. So you’re better off with buying just one of these.




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