Mattel – Masters Of The Universe Origins Figures Available Everywhere Starting 1/1/21


First off, Happy New Years everyone! Starting January 1st, Mattel’s Masters Of The Universe Origins Figures will be available everyone on or by January 1st, and some people have even said they found the figures in stores outside of Wal-Mart these past few days. It doesn’t look like the stores are following the street date, while others take it a bit more seriously.

This line-up is Mattel’s modern take on the franchise, with keeping it retro inspired, but giving it more articulation and including interchangeable parts between the figures such as arms, heads, torso’s, legs and accessories. Plus, these are also compatible with their Masters of the WWE Universe line-up.

Look for pre-orders by January 1st at 12am Midnight tonight on Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore, and Amazon. Additional offerings can be found at Boop Toys.

Update – Pre-Orders are available now on Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore

Previous Amazon links, that might work after Midnight –

He-Man – $14.99

Skeletor – $14.99

Battle Cat – $24.99

Man-At-Arms – $14.99

Teela – $14.99

Evil Lyn – $14.99

Prince Adam with Skysled – $29.99

Orko – $14.99

Scareglow – $14.99

Man-E-Faces – $14.99

Beast Man – $14.99

Trap Jaw – $14.99

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