NECA Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Wrath of Krang Animated Krang & Child Shredder Figures Review


NECA Toys is finishing off this year strong, with offering their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Krang and Child Shredder figure 2-pack, as well as Splinter and Baxter Stockman that are both available now exclusively at Target. Krang comes in his Android Body and the first-time, you have a show accurate figure of this cartoon classic appearance. The child version of Shredder is also included, and is based on the episode “Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp.” This is the episode that Leatherhead, Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop join forces to fight the Turtles at the frogs, and during the battle Shredder falls into the Fountain of Youth and dramatically de-ages into a tiny baby.



Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Wrath of Krang Animated Krang & Child Shredder Figures for review.

Availability: December 2020 – Target Exclusive

Krang is packaged in a window box with cartoon inspired artwork on the front, TMNT and NECA logo’s on the sides, and the back features images of the figure along with a brief description. The inside flap gives you another image of the figure, and to the right of that is the window box showcasing Krang, his Android Body and Child Shredder in a plastic tray along with Krang’s accessories.


Krang comes in his Android Body for the first-time since the retro line, and NECA has done right by this figure. The Android Body is depicted as you recall from the cartoon, with most of his chubby flesh showing, and he’s wearing his tight red underpants, suspenders, red shoes, grey shoulder pads, and the center piece component where you can place Krang inside.


The Android Body comes with interchangeable weapons and hand sculpts that pop onto the wrist sockets. The sculpting of the weapons is also cartoon inspired, and they did a terrific job capturing the likeness. He comes with three sets of interchangeable hand sculpts, with the paint flicking off as you swap them of the wrist sockets. The weapons include two maces with a unique style of chain, an axe, a saw, and two blasters for both wrist sockets. Some of the accessories are also on the fragile side, so be extra cautious while swapping them. Krang also comes with two sheets of blue prints.



The Android Body also comes with the Soap on a Rope accessories, including a shower cap and towel that’s memorable from the series. These particular accessories are inspired from the scene where Shredder interrupts Krang taking a shower with a video phone call, and you see him with these accessories. It’s a funny gimmick from the cartoon, and NECA surely did a nice job capturing the likenesses of the accessories.


Krang is given a brand new sculpt, that is bigger and is entirely a unique sculpt. The tentacles are ball and socket jointed, and can be swapped with the original Krang figure. You can also swap the original Krang figure with this new one between the Walker and the Android Body. The tentacles on this version of Krang are designed to hold the little ball jointed joysticks and there is a lot of nice sculpted detail on the inside of Krang’s Android Body’s torso seat.



In order for Krang to be placed inside the Android Body, you have to pop off the top half, and place Krang inside, and put the torso part back on.The tentacles need to be moved so they can hold the joysticks, which are also articulated.

Krang’s Android Body is also fully articulated, including a ball jointed head, hinged-swivel shoulders, hinged-swivel elbows, hinged-swivel wrists, hinged-swivel hips, hinged-swivel ankles, double jointed knees, and a swivel waist. There is some limited movement in the elbows due to the arm thickness and the shoulder pads and red speedo are made of a flexible material to facilitate articulation.


Child Shredder is based on the episode “Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp,” and NECA has done a terrific job on his likeness as well. He has a few points of articulating, including a ball jointed neck, swivel-hinge shoulders and a hinged waist. The expression on his face looks great, and they really captured the likeness here.


Overall, this is the definitive version of Krang that most of you will remember from the cartoon, and NECA has done a terrific job capturing this likeness while giving you the high-end quality that you’re used too from them. Krang with his Android Body, and Child Shredder are great additions to the line, and are long overdue for the modern toy treatment considering that nothing has been done for them officially since the original line from the 80’s and 90’s. This is definitely worth picking up and adding to your already impressive NECA Turtles collection.



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