NECA Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter and Baxter Stockman Figures Review


NECA Toys is finishing off this year strong, with offering their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Krang and Child Shredder figure 2-pack, as well as Splinter and Baxter Stockman that are both available now exclusively at Target. Splinter and Baxter Stockman are inspired from the classic 1987 series that most of us buying these figures grew up watching. Splinter includes some episode specific accessories, including a cane, a sword with a flame effect, 2 books, a scroll, a Doku plant a fabric floor mat, a rat, and five extra interchangeable hands (sword grip, open grip, gestures). Baxter Stockman also comes with some episode specific accessories, including the Trans-mutation gun (from the episode “Shredder and Splintered”), Sentient computer (also called O.M.N.S.S., and based on the episode “The Mean Machines”) Shredder Fly, Gerbil Mikey, and three sets of interchangeable hands (grip, fists, trigger).



Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter and Baxter Stockman Figures for review.

Availability: December 2020 – Target Exclusive

Splinter and Baxter Stockman are packaged in a window box with cartoon inspired artwork on the front, images of the figures on the sides, and the back features images of the figures along with a brief description. The back also gives you a look at additional figures that are available now.


Splinter and Baxter Stockman are inspired from the classic cartoon series, and have finally joined this line that NECA has been offering for years now. Splinter comes with sculpted fur, a fabric robe and black belt, bandaged ankles, and is painted in two shades of brown fur. His head sculpt came out great, with a hinged jaw, allowing you to see his tongue, and teeth, and his facial details including his eyes, nose and ears came out great was well. The figure also has some black deco giving the sculpt definition, and the robe is well tailored and looks great on him.

Baxter Stockman is also equally as impressive and looks great compared to the source material, with his mutated insect features and well sculpted clothing. Baxter Stockman comes in his dark grey vest, white long sleeved shirt, a yellow bow-tie, grey pants, purple hands, feet, and articulated bug legs in the back, beige and black wings. His head sculpt looks great, with his insect features, including the sculpted hair, big bug eyes, green skin and red mouth really bring his likeness together.

The articulation on these figures is standard for the line, including ball-jointed heads and mid-torso, double hinged knees and and elbows, and swivel/hinged shoulders, wrists, hips, and knees. Splinter also has a toe hinge and a swivel-hinge tail that also has a bendy wire. The tail also helps balance Splinter when he stands on the balls of his feet, or if you choose to display him in a specific pose. Baxter also has swivel-hinges where his wings and extra arms are on the back.

This set comes with an assortment of accessories, with some being based on a specific episode.


The sentient computer is based on the episode “The Mean Machines,” and features some great detail including a lenticular screen that changes facial expressions as you turn it.

These tiny animals and Shredder Fly are extra gifts offered in this set. Including a rat, Gerbil Mikey, and the Shredder Fly. Getting a character like the Shredder Fly in this set is a lot of fun, and you can place him on top of a head of another figure, such as Baxter or Rocksteady as shown in the gallery.


Splinter includes an assortment of accessories, including his iconic cane that he can also use a weapon, a katana with a flame effect that can slip onto the sword, a medallion, 2 books and a scroll, a meditation floor mat, a Doku plant, and a total of 7 interchangeable hand sculpts. The mat is made of a soft foam and they did a great job on this accessory.


Baxter Stockman includes a pistol, the trans-mutation gun from the episode “Shredder and Splintered,” a total of 6 interchangeable hands, and of course the sentient computer shown above.


Overall, Splinter and Baxter Stockman came out great, and make great additions to an already impressive show-accurate Turtles line. The attention to detail, likenesses and accessories that came in this set came out great, and NECA’s team surely did Splinter and Baxter right. This set, and Krang in his Android Body are out now, so make sure to grab them while you can.



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