NECA Toys Misfits – Holiday Fiend 8″ Clothed Figure Review

NECA Toys Misfits – Holiday Fiend 8″ Clothed Figure Review


NECA Toys have partnered with Misfts, the rock band, to offer the Holiday Fiend, which is a Santa themed version of their iconic mascot. The Fiend includes a cloth Santa suit, cloth Santa hat, two interchangeable portraits, two sets of hands, and a fabric Santa’s toy bag.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Misfits – Holiday Fiend 8″ Clothed Figure for review. 

Availability: December 2020

The Holiday Fiend is packaged in a standard window box for the 8″ Clothed figure line, with nicely done artwork on the front, artwork and images of the figure on the sides, images of the figure on the back along with a description. The box art is mostly black, and the artwork stands out on this.

The Holiday Fiend is the third figure released in collaboration with The Misfits, and previously we’ve seen the in a red cloak, and the black cloak. This version however is Christmas themed, with a large tailored fabric Santa suit, with velcro opening on the front, and wiring around the bottom along the length so you can position it in a way you want to pose it. The head portraits are nicely done and feature different deco on each one. These swap out with some difficulty, so you may want to use a hair dryer to loosen up the ball joint before popping it off to place the new head on. The hands are also interchangeable and are painted to go with one of the head sculpts. The Santa hat is also made of fabric and you can also position it as it too has wires.

The Holiday Fiend also comes with a Santa sack, which also includes wiring to keep it looking full. Since the hands are sculpted in an open position, the sack can be placed in his hand, which he can hold onto fairly well. The base of the figure is cast in black plastic, and you can easily remove the Santa suit.

Overall, the Holiday Fiend is a nicely done figure, with a great looking Santa Suit and hat that could potentially be used on a different figure. This is a fun release, and one that Misfits and NECA collectors would want to check out.


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