NECA Toys Ultimate 7″ Scale Ghostface Figure Review


Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher film Scream has become a cult classic that reinvigorated the slasher genre to a new generation. Scream would see three sequels, with a new one coming in 2022. This film didn’t have demons lurking around a lake, but instead high school sociopaths, targeting their peers in this halloween type outfit. While Ghostface followed typical patterns of classic slasher films, the victims were in on it.  Some of these characters in this film knew the slasher film rules, and attempted to use that knowledge to stay alive. The filmed helped make stars of much of the cast, and launched a long-running horror franchise that stayed fresh, relevant, and enjoyable for most of its run.

Ghostface has become an icon to horror fans, and NECA is offering a new 7″ scale figure. Ghostface includes a fabric cloak, four interchangeable masks, three knives, a scythe, and voice changer.

Availability: December 2020

Ghostface is packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with nicely done artwork on the front, sides, and images of the figure, along with a description on the back. The inside flap also has an image of Ghostface, and he is protected in a plastic tray along with his accessories. Interestingly enough, the name of the film, Scream is not mentioned on the packaging, and it appears that NECA bought the license from Fun World, instead of the studio, This company is known to make Ghostface masks, which as you can see, this allowed NECA to obtain the rights to make these three alternate head masks based on these masks, which were not used in the movie.

Ghostface is long overdue for a new figure, and NECA has done a great job on this release. He comes in a thin fabric cloak that features wiring in the hood to help keep the shape and not look too loose. Ghostface wrists also have a tighter elastic around them to stop the sleeves from sliding back on the arm. The torso underneath the cloak is a simple, and plain, black chest, arms and legs. There are not details on those spots since they are meant to be fully covered by the cloak. The cloak is nicely done, with pieces hanging down the arms, as seen in the film. However, it is shorter than what you remember, as it doesn’t go all the way down to his feet, and you can see the lower parts of his legs.


The four head sculpts are great, and each one is dynamic, and he includes a standard white mask that you’ll remember from the film, and three masks that have only been offered as part of costumes. This includes a dripping blood Ghostface mask, a Glow-In-The-Dark Ghostface mask, and a Zombie Ghostface mask that has a weathered look. Also included is a set of interchangeable hand sculpts, three blood covered knives, a voice changer, and a scythe. The scythe is an accessory that he didn’t actually use in any of the Scream films, but he did use it in the Scream television series for one murder. Since this is an Ultimate release, NECA likes to include as many accessories as they can, which is why you see this television inspired accessory included.

Ghostface is also fully articulated, including a ball jointed head, ball jointed torso, ball-hinged shoulders, double jointed elbow, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed hips, swivel-hinged knees, and swivel ankles.



Swapping out the head sculpts was a bit challenging, as the peg staying attached to the head and not the body as it should have. A hair dryer to swap these out at first is recommended, which helps prevent breakage and loosens up any tight joints. The hands were easy to swap out, and one set is good for holding the three knives and voice changer, while the alternate set works best with the scythe. The scythe itself is a more solid plastic with no warping issues or easy breakage, but is also a bit fragile.

Overall, Ghostface is an excellent figure, and long overdue for the Ultimate treatment in their horror line-up. Personally, i’ve been waiting five years for a Ghostface figure like this to be release, and this is surely a great addition to the shelf that fans will enjoy. The cloak fits well, and he has a good amount of articulation and accessories. The four alternate head sculpts are a nice touch, and each one creates a dynamic look.


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