NECA Toys Batman 1989 Life Size Batarang Replica Review


NECA Toys is offering their Batman 1989 Life Size Batarang Replica will be first sold at Wal-Mart Stores in February/March 2021, and then become available everywhere else. This Batarang is based on the prop used in Tim Burton’s Batman 1989 film, which was one of the new reveals shown at New York ToyFair 2020. Also revealed was a grapnel gun, and a line launcher also from the film. The Batarang is said to cost $13.96 USD.

Availability: February/March 2021 – first sold at Wal-Mart Stores, then everywhere else.

The Batarang comes in a box with nicely done artwork inspired from the film, with an image and the movie logo on the front, Batman’s logo on the sides, and some detailed information of this on the back. The Batarang is stored in a plastic tray for safe keeping, and also comes with a display stand.


The Batarang is inspired from the classic Batman 1989 film starring Michael Keaton, and this looks just like it did in the film. The Batarang measures about 7.25″ wide, and about 5.25″ tall. This is made with plastic, and is light weight with the edges, especially near the tips of the bat wings, is very thin and sharp. This is primarily sculpted smooth, with some sculpted details that gives it a nice definition. Both of the tips are painted in a metallic silver, while the rest of the Batarang is primarily an unpainted matte black finish. It also has several hinge joints that are metal, and they blend in nicely. The Batarang folds in three places, and there are magnets on the inside that help it snap into place when folding.


The display stand is made of plastic, with the Batman logo on front, and the plastic is very thin just like the plastic tray. However, without the stand, the Batarang does not stand up by itself as the edges are sharp, and it has to lean on something or by placed down for display.


Overall, the Batarang is a great replica and likeness to the 1989 Batman film. NECA has once again done a fantastic job on their replica collection and fans will surely want to pick this up.



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