Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Figure Review


Tamashii Nations is offering a new Piccolo figure this year in their S.H. Figuarts line. Piccolo is a Namekian, a species with green skin with antenna’s. He is part of Earth’s Z Fighters and played instrumental impacts on the outcome of battles, on Earth, on his home planet of Namek against Frieza, and most recently in the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. This figure includes a cape, interchangeable face portraits, interchangeable left and right arms, interchangeable hands, interchangeable  back pieces, and a turban.

Thank you to Bluefin for providing their S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Figure for review. 

Availability: February 2021

Piccolo is packaged on the standard window box for the line, and is placed inside a brown mailer box. The packaging includes nicely done artwork and images of the figure on the front, sides and back.


Piccolo is given a brand new sculpt and a modern update than the previously offered figures. Piccolo is given five interchangeable head sculpts, two with the turban that can be placed on, and three head sculpts with the antenna’s and bald head. Each of these heads has a unique dynamic expression inspired from the series. The facial details are nicely done, and he includes two closed mouths, with the turban and one without, two open mouths, and one grinning mouth with his eyes looking to the right. The antenna’s are on the fragile side, and while they can move a little, they are prone to breakage, so be careful.


The cloak is made of two pieces, rather than one as previously offered, and the piece around his neck goes on by removing the head, and the cape has a peg that goes into the hole in his back. The cloak also has two hinged pieces on the sides that can move, along with the hinged peg. There are also two back pieces that plug can be inserted into, which gives him the effect of floating as the cape can hang further down this way. He also comes with a back piece that covers up the holes for the cloak.


The cloak doesn’t get in the way of his articulation as it hands on the back, but the upper chest part of it goes prevent some of the articulation in the shoulders. Once the cloak is removed, he has full range of motion, and you can create some dynamic poses just like he does in the anime series.


Piccolo comes in a purple outfit with a blue belt, red wrist bands, and brown shoes. This is similar deco to their San Diego Comic-Con 2013 exclusive offering, but with more accessories and interchangeable parts. Piccolo also includes interchangeable torn off arm part, which as you know he can regenerate a new arm. He also has a set of folded up arms to use with the cloak. There are seven hand sculpts, including closed fisted, open grip with the fingers separated, open palm for blasts, and a right hand pointing.


Overall, Piccolo is a excellent figure with great interchangeable parts, including all the great head sculpts that come with this release. The interchangeable torn off arm piece is a nice touch for this release, which is something that hasn’t been offered before. This is surely the best Piccolo figure offered in this line, and it warrants another purchase even if you own the previous releases.


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