NECA Toys They Live 8″ Clothed John Nada Figure Review


NECA Toys newly released 8″ Clothed John Figure is the latest offering that is based on the They Live film from 1988. The film stars Wrestlings Rowdy Roddy Pipper, who plays John Nada, a nameless drifter that moves from city to city, taking any jobs that he can. He’s a man just looking to get by. After taking a job on a construction site, he comes across sunglasses that reveal the truth about the world he lives in. An alien Humanoid species have infiltrated every aspect of society and have taken over. They use subliminal messaging to keep the population unaware of their presence, such as signs and television messages. The specialized lenses in the glasses block out the alien signal, and reveals not only the messaging on our every day advertising, but who among us is one of the ghouls. As Nada takes justice into his own hands, he comes across a group of rebels who stand against the invaders, and look to alert humanity to the danger around them.



NECA Toys is offering a line of these 8″ Clothed Figures, including a male and a female ghoul from the movie, and Frank Armitage, whom was played by Keith David. This figure is exclusive to Shout Factory.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their They Live 8″ Clothed John Nada Figure for review. 

Availability: January 2021

John Nada is packaged in a window box, with artwork inspired from the film. The box is mostly black, with some branding and poster art from the film. The back includes images of the figure and his accessories. John Nada includes  a portrait with sunglasses, a standard portrait, a shotgun, a pistol, and an ammo bandolier.


John Nada joins the 8″ Clothed line, and is inspired of the likeness of Wrestling’s Rowdy Roddy Piper, in one of his most iconic roles. John Nada features the latest 3.0 body type, with the added rocker ankles, and double jointed elbows, which gives it a more realistic movement. The ankles in particular are better for when you try to make him stand, in a natural way. His outfit includes a plaid shirt, blue jeans, a black belt  with a silver belt buckle, brown shoes with a wash over it, and a removable ammo bandolier, with ammo and a silver buckle. The ammo bandolier can be removed by popping off the head, then removing it.

The pants look bulky as the velcro increases the size of the waist, but with this you can place the pistol in the pants for storage, so it’s good in that regard. The clothing includes hand stitching holding it together, and they did a great job as always on this.


He includes two portraits, one with sunglasses that allows him to see the aliens, and one without. Some people have managed to remove the sunglasses, which slide underneath the hair on both sides. On this sample, the sunglasses wouldn’t come out and I didn’t want to use excessive force to take it out. The other head sculpt comes without the sunglasses, so it’s not even necessary to remove it as the two head sculpts are very similar. They both have a great likeness, facial details and look to be hand painted. The hair is sculpted, with a wash giving him light and dark blonde hair.


John Nada also includes a shot gun and a pistol that he can hold in either hand. The pistol, as stated above, can be stored in his pants, which is a nice feature. Both of these are painted and sculpted realistically and they did a great job on these accessories. The trigger finger left hand doesn’t touch the trigger, and only rests over to the side. The double jointed elbows and bicep swivel allows the shotgun and pistol to be held properly, which is also a nice touch.

Overall, NECA continues to do incredible work and this figure is a perfect example of that. John Nada joins the line-up and rightly so. Fans of the 8″ Clothed scale, horror goers and action figure collectors will defiantly want to add this piece to their collection, and not just because it’s Rowdy Roddy Piper, but because They Live was a good movie and you need him for your sci-fi collection.


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