Jakks Pacific Super Mario 2.5″ Scale Cloud Diorama Playset Review


Jakks Pacific continues their Super Mario line with the 2.5″ Scale Cloud Diorama Playset that is part of this years offerings. This set features 7 pieces, including working mechanisms, as well as a running Mario figure. This set also includes a rotating cloud, expanding platform and a rocking platform.



Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their Super Mario 2.5″ Scale Cloud Diorama Playset for review. 

Availability: February 2021

The Cloud Diorama Playset is packaged in a box with artwork and images showing the set on the front, sides and back. The back also gives you a detailed look at the set, what’s included and a description.

The Cloud Diorama comes unassembled in the box, and is very easy to put together as it requires pieces to be snapped into place. In the video, this was demonstrated, along with a look at the instructions.


The set includes a base that has a texture with light blue deco, a cloud that can rotate and has a mouth and eyes on one side, and it has two platforms. The pink platform can extend by pressing the button, but on one side of this particular sample it doesn’t stay closed, as the spring feature doesn’t want to work properly. This might just be this particular sample, and it’s doubtful this is a widespread issue. The yellow rocker platform can rock to side to side, and a figure can actually fall off depending on how you place him and which character you use. Both of these are standing on a pillar in the same colors as the platforms, and can snap in securely.

The backdrop is shown on the right side, and includes clouds, and sticker sheets that are already in place.



The platforms and cloud are also interchangeable, meaning you can move these around as the pegs are all the same and compatible. This gives you some customizability options for display, especially if you want to buy more than one of these.

The set also includes a running Mario figure that has been offered before, and he comes in blue overalls, with a red shirt, hat and brown shoes. The likeness, including the facial details, deco and sculpting came out great.

Overall, the Cloud Diorama Diorama playset is a great offering to an already impressive line-up of sets from Jakks. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to pick this and others up and start display your figures on these!


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