Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Bardock Figure Review


Bardock, the father of Goku, makes his debut in the S.H. Figuarts from Bandai Tamashii Nations. Bardock is a low class Saiyan warrior and made his debut in the series back in 199o. He, along with his race were loyal to the Frieza Force until he learned that Frieza planned to annihilate his race of fears of the legendary Super Saiyan would one day rise. Bardock led a resistance on Planet Vegeta, and he powered up to throw a Final Spirit Cannon at Frieza, which Frieza’s own Supernova counterattack absorbed, and killed Bardock and every Saiyan on Planet Vegeta, including destroying the planet itself.

Thank you to Bluefin for providing Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Bardock Figure for review.

Availability: February 2021

Bardock is packaged in the standard window box packaging for the line, with nicely done artwork and images of the figure on the front, sides and back. On the left side and back are images of the figure. He comes in a plastic tray for safe keeping along with his accessories, including interchangeable face plates and hands. Also included is an instruction sheet of how to swap out the parts as he comes with accessories inspired from various scenes of the series.


Bardock comes in his Saiyan armor that is painted a dark blue and a light green, with white trim. He also comes in dark blue pants, brown wrist and lower knee bandages, dark blue and light green shoes, also with white trim. This particular Saiyan armor color is unique to him, and they did a great job capturing the likeness here.


Bardock comes with four face plates that are interchangeable and each given a unique expression. One is standard, and the rest includes a smirk, grin and an open mouth. The left cheek on all of these have his scar from the series. There is also a removable headband that goes on each of the face plates, and the hair piece goes over that to cover it. The interchangeable ear and scouter go on the left side, and works for all four face plates. There is also a extra hair piece, one that works best for the ear, which has hangs, and the other with the hair off to the side that works best for the scouter. The hair is also nicely done and sculpted as seen in the series, and looks very similar’s to Goku’s hair.


Bardock’s interchangeable hands all work great and give him optional poses and fighting stands. The flaps on his sides of the legs are also articulated allowing you to move the legs without it being limited in anyway, which is something we seen on each figure offered in this armor.


The articulation is standard for the line, and with the optional face plates, hands, and swappable ear and scouter parts, there’s a ton of different ways to pose him. One thing that Bandai Tamashii Nations designers did was offer some accessories from his final showdown with Frieza in the stratosphere of Planet Vegeta.


This includes the Spirit Cannon effect, and there is an extra right hand that has a hole in it, which this effect can be plugged into. Once in, it’s staying in so you don’t have to worry about this piece falling off his hand like a dragon ball would. Between all of these interchangeable parts, Bardock has a wide range of options to display, and this is exactly how it should be.

Overall, Bardock is a great looking figure and comes with some great accessories and interchangeable parts. The ear and Scouter parts are small and could be lost if you aren’t careful, so just be wary of that. Bardock is a must for any Dragon Ball Z collection, so make sure to pick him up, including at one of stores listed below:



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