S.H. Figuarts Avengers: Infinity War – Battle on Titan Edition Doctor Strange Figure Review


Bandai Tamashii Nations is offering their S.H. Figuarts Avengers: Infinity War Doctor Strange Figure that is inspired from the Battle on Titan. This Doctor Strange release is an upgrade to what you may already have, even if you already own his first release with an even better likeness to Benedict Cumberbatch, along with some new accessories for this release, and he’s even given a cloth cape with a wire to better pose it in various different ways.

Thank you to Bluefin for providing their S.H. Figuarts Avengers: Infinity War – Battle on Titan Edition Doctor Strange Figure for review. 

Availability: February 2021

Doctor Strange is packaged in the standard window box packaging for the line, with nicely done artwork and images of the figure on the front, sides and back. He comes in a plastic tray for safe keeping along with his accessories. Also included is an instruction sheet of how to swap out the parts as he comes with accessories inspired from various scenes on the Battle on Titan in Avengers: Infinity War.


Doctor Strange makes good use of the previously offered figure sculpts, including from his release in his own film, the Burning Flame set, and the first Infinity War release. This sculpt continues to impress, including the several shades of blue on the outfit, brown belt with silver buckles, the gold crest on his chest (that is also removable), and the collar around his head that is painted in red with gold in the front, which is also original to the previous offerings.


The head sculpt has some updated deco and an even better likeness to Benedict Cumberbatch, and this is also the best likeness to-date with this sculpt. The facial details are nicely done, including the attention to detail on the eyes, goatee, and mouth. The hair has grey on the sides, and brown.


If you think that this figure is a straight reissue is an understatement, as he’s given some new parts and accessories that definitely warrant another release, and even if you already own one or more releases, you better be prepared to buy this one as well. This new cape is wired, and made of cloth allowing you to create some dynamic poses with just the cape alone even before you start playing around with his articulation or accessories. The cape is attached to the back, and cannot be removed. It is just below the collar, which is made of plastic and you can easily see that the plastic collar and fabric cape are not connected to each other. The cape can be raised up off the ground for a dynamic effect, which the previously offered plastic cape on the previous releases could not do. The cape also has different patterns, one on the front with a darker red, and a different one on the back in a brighter red.


Some of these accessories will be familiar to you if you already own a previous release, such as these two large energy effects for the hands that are placed on the wrists, then the hands are placed in to hold them in place.


Additional energy effect pieces are also included, such as a smaller one, and two sets each of the orange and green effects that have a medium effect, and an even smaller effect that rests on the arms.


He also comes with a setting for the magic circle effect parts that serves as a backdrop, with two clear acrylic pieces that are bases for it. The energy sword is also new, and he has two open hands that the handle slides into so he can hold it. The sword also has all the great attention to detail just as the orange and green magic circles have.



He also has a crimson band effect part, which is connect to a hand sculpt that plugs into the wrist. This piece is another great effect, and also something new that you don’t have.

In addition, Doctor Strange has 16 interchangeable hands with various poses.


This release is also given some parts to recreate that hovering scene in the film. Including a green chest piece that is placed on by first removing the gold crest on his chest, and plugging this new piece into it. As the cape is wired, you can create the hovering look as you weren’t able to do on previous releases since those capes were plastic, and he’s even given a new head sculpt with closed eyes just for this pose. This head sculpt has the same great likeness and details as the other one.

Warning when posing it in like this – The cloths part will be deformed if you keep your legs crossed for a long time. This warning is stated on the instructions, and definitely worth the mention here.

The articulation is standard for the line, so you’ll know what to expect if you already have a previous release of him or another S.H. Figuarts figure.

Overall, Doctor Strange is an excellent figure with great updates that fans and collectors of the line will enjoy. The cape is beyond awesome and the fact that you can pose it since it’s wired is a great update. The rest of the new accessories, including some of the magic circles, crimson band effect part, energy sword, and parts to create the hovering such as the head sculpt and chest piece all make for a great update here. This is probably the best offering for the character using this sculpt, so make sure to grab him now!


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