NECA Toys Ultimate Rhino Alien (Kenner Tribute) Version 2 Figure Review


NECA Toys newly released Rhino Alien is inspired from the classic Kenner action figure of the early 1990’s, which is based on the variant release of the figure. The Rhino Alien is given a brand new deco, including retro inspired packaging that pays homage to the blister card packaging. The Rhino Alien gets his much deserved update in the Ultimate line from NECA and he was surely worth the wait.



Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Ultimate Rhino Alien (Kenner Tribute) Version 2 Figure for review. 

Availability: February 2021

The Rhino Alien comes packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with artwork inspired from the classic Kenner blister card of the early 1990’s on the front, artwork on the sides, and a look at additional figures, including the Rhino Alien, that are available now. The opening flap also includes an image of the figure, and inside the window box includes the Rhino Alien inside, protected with in a plastic tray.


The Rhino Alien is one of the most unique looking figures in the Alien collection that you’re going to own, just as the Snake Alien and the Scorpion Alien had. The Rhino Alien expands their offerings form the classic Kenner line and this gives you a much needed character and a beautiful update. The Rhino Alien is essentially how it sounds, with the character being able to walk on all fours, with the horn in the top of his head, and he has the ability to stand up on his own back legs just as a Xenomorph can. His arms and legs work well together and you can create some great poses with him, including some great action poses especially since he can walk on all fours.

His head sculpt is amazingly detailed, as is the rest of the body and he includes a hinge jaw with an extendable mouth, and just the look of this guy makes you want to run the other way or not be anywhere near him. His head also have teeth around his mouth and sides that make him even scarier looking. The amount of sculpted detail applied to him is just astonishing, and there is something new to look at every time you pick him up as the sculpted details are almost endless.


The metallic blue, purple and black color scheme works extremely well together on this just like it did back in the early 90’s when Kenner had released their version of the figure. The figure is primarily cast in black, and the metallic blue and purple highlight the sculpted details that you can’t see clearly enough with the previous orange and black figure from last year. The metallic blue and purple make the figure stand out, as there isn’t really anything like this design or color scheme in this line. The tail on his back is short, and a bit pointy, and works well with the overall design. The dome is also removable, and you see more of that great detail underneath. The dome also just rests on top of his head, and tends to fall off or around if moved.

The articulation is standard for the Alien line and if you own the Scorpion Alien, and other figures, you should know quite what to expect here.

Overall, NECA continues to go above and beyond and have once again out done themselves on this release. The new deco makes it look completely unique and stand out more than last years offering. Since it was announced, i’ve been so excited for this one and now that it’s in hand, you surely won’t be disappointed with the outstanding quality and incredible attention to detail given to him. Obviously, we still have more to go with the Kenner offerings, but the Rhino Alien is surely one of the best so far. Make sure to pick him up today at one of the stores listed below:


Entertainment Earth


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Zavvi – U.S./Canada

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