Rocket Raccoon Invades The New Intergalactic Loot Crate


Loot Crate revealed their upcoming Guards of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon statue that will be offered in June’s Intergalactic crate, which is the second in a new series of busts. This crate also includes products from GOTG, E.T., Red & Stimpy and Invader Zim. The crate is priced at $24.99 and the order deadline ends on June 19th at 9 PST.

You can order the crate now by clicking HERE!

All those years of looking up to the stars and wondering what’s out there have paid off with the newest “Intergalactic” themed Loot Crate! Take a trip across the galaxy with collectibles and gear from Guardians of the Galaxy, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, “Ren & Stimpy,” and “Invader Zim.” This crate is filled with officially licensed exclusive collectibles, items, and wearable goods you won’t find in any other solar system.

Our “Intergalactic” crate continues the officially licensed Guardians of the Galaxy Figure Set with Rocket Raccoon. Continuing from last month’s “Mixtape” themed crate, this collaboration with Marvel is the second in a series of Guardians figures.

To complete the series, subscribe to receive the next three crates. The figure set includes Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, and Groot. Each character in the series will lock together forming a final Guardians figure set that you’ll be proud to display in your collection.

Also traveling through the stars in this month’s crate is officially licensed merch and items from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, “Ren & Stimpy,” and “Invader Zim.”

This month’s crate also includes a Premium Add-On Item: Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy: The Game!

Loot Crates start at $24.99 plus shipping and handling. Supplies are limited. Be sure to order by June 19 at 9:00pm PST!