NECA Toys Predator 2 – Ultimate Battle Damaged City Hunter Predator Figure Review

NECA Toys Predator 2 – Ultimate Battle Damaged City Hunter Predator Figure Review


A new version of NECA’s Ultimate City Hunter Predator is available now, with new Battle Damaged sculpting and deco that is based on his final battle with Detective Mike Harrigan. The City Hunter Predator includes a new damaged paint deco, a detachable battle damaged right arm, interchangeable hands, a new masked head sculpt, smart discs, combi sticks, and a bio mask. This figure is part of the 30th Anniversary Ultimate line, which celebrates the film.



Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Predator 2 – Ultimate Battle Damaged City Hunter Predator Figure for review. 

Availability: April 2021

The Battle Damaged City Hunter Predator is packaged in a window box with an opening flap. The artwork on the cover is phenomenal, and includes the City Hunter and Dt. Mike Harrigan as seen in Predator 2. The back includes images of the Predator, along with a description and a brief bio. The opening flap includes an image of the Predator, and to the right you see him packaged in a plastic tray along with all of his accessories.


The Battle Damaged City Hunter Predator features the Ultimate body, and features 30 points of articulation including double jointed knees and elbows, a ball jointed torso, and a fully articulated body. The body features the standard sculpted details and textures throughout the skin, with the fishnet pattern sculpted over it. Some parts of the armor are made of a soft plastic so that this doesn’t get in the way of the articulation. The armor is also impressive with sculpted textures, paint washes, and also given a dark grey with a rustic wash. The skin tone itself has a beige, dark brown, and reddish-brown deco, and looks great.

The masked head sculpt has the same deco and sculpted details as the armor. The masked head sculpt also has a wire hanging down from it, and the other end is not connected to anywhere on the body that I could find. This is likely to prevent breakage issues after removing the head and swapping it out. The unmasked head includes many of the same head features as the masked head sculpt, with now showing his mouth. The facial details look great just as we’ve seen with other releases in the line. The deco patterns are also the same on the forehead, and look highly detailed just as you would expect them to look for this line.

One major aspect about this figure that sets him apart from so many others is the blood on his chest, hip, and one spot on his back to reflect injuries suffered in his final bout against Lt. Mike Harrigan. In addition, his left forearm is detachable severed arm, and the forearm can be plugged back in to give him the extra hand back. The severed arm also includes the green blood as you can see, with a hole in the center to plug the forearm back in.

Aside from the blood and removable forearm, he also includes a retractable blade on his right forearm, and there are three different hand sculpts for that wrist, and two for the left one.

The figure also includes an extended staff, a short staff, and two smart discs in addition to the interchangeable hand sculpts, a mask that cannot fit on either head sculpt, removable forearm, and interchangeable head sculpts.

Overall, the battle Damaged City Hunter Predator is an excellent figure with great attention to detail, sculpting, and a great addition to the line. The upgraded body adds a lot of articulation, and there are some really fun accessories and swap out parts that makes him a unique looking character to an already impressive line.


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