LEGO Daily Bugle 76178 – Spider-Man Set In-Stock At Disney Store



The Disney Store has an in-stock listing of LEGO’s newly released Daily Bugle 76178 – Spider-Man Set, and is priced at $329.99. The Daily Bugle includes 3,772 pieces, 25 mini-figures, and many different ways to pose, play and display your collection. Make some room for this, as it’s a very large awesome set that you’re definitely going to want to own.

You can order this starting now by clicking HERE!

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An intricate version of the iconic newspaper building, LEGO Daily Bugle includes the offices of demanding editor J. Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker. The ultimate build-and-display project for any Marvel enthusiast, the four-storey construction stands over 32” high and comes complete with 25 classic characters.

  • Set #76178
  • 3,772 pieces
  • Includes 25 LEGO Minifigures: Spider-Man, Peter Parker, J. Jonah Jameson, Green Goblin, Gwen Stacy, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Daredevil, Sandman, Aunt May, Venom, Carnage, Punisher, Ghost-Spider, Black Cat, Firestar, Blade, Miles Morales, Spider-Ham, Betty Brant, Robbie Robertson, Ben Urich, Bennie the Cab Driver, Amber Grant and Ron Barney
  • Five Marvel characters are exclusive to this set: Blade, J. Jonah Jameson, Punisher, Black Cat, and Daredevil
  • Assembled from the Spider-Man Universe
  • Features four highly detailed floors, as well as the roof and an exterior alley
  • Taxi Cab and Spider-Mobile vehicles
  • Comes with illustrated, step-by-step instruction manual