Mattel – Masters of the Universe: Origins Wave 6 Figures In-Packaging

Mattel revealed their upcoming Masters of the Universe: Origins Wave 6 Figures that are expected for release later this year. This wave gives you Stinkor, which likely won’t stink the way that the MOTU Classics figure offered, Beast Man (LOP), Webstor, and Eternian Goddess. These are the first figures of Stinkor, Webstor and Eternian Goddess since Masters of the Universe: Classics, of which both Webstor and Eternian Goddess were offered in 2009 with low production numbers.

From the looks of it, Stinkor includes his shield, Beast Man likely includes a whip, Webstor includes a grappling hook and blaster, and Eternia Goddess includes a staff and shield. All figures include a mini-comic that is the same for each figure.

Pre-Orders are not yet live, but additional figures are available at Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore and Amazon.