Jakks Pacific – World of Nintendo 4″ Larry Koopa Figure Review

Jakks Pacific – World of Nintendo 4″ Larry Koopa Figure Review


Jakks is looking to give fans all of Boswer’s minions, and Larry joins Iggy, Ludwig, and Lemmy, along with Bowser himself, and Nintendo fans are one step closer to completing their collection. For fans waiting for more and new Koopa’s, or Koopalings, these releases can feel slow at times considering when you get reissues to help new fans jump on board. Every now and then, we get a figure that all fans of Super Mario need to own, including these Koopa characters. Getting them all whenever that happens, will definitely be a good feeling for fans and make for a great display. As of now, we only need Roy, Morton, and Wendy, and when those are offered, it’s going to be a big moment for collectors and Jakks alike.

Availability: August 2021

Larry is packaged on the standard blister card, with Super Mario artwork on the front, an image of the figure and a bio on the back. Also on the back is a look at the rest of the wave.


Larry is given a new sculpt, as we’ve seen with the other Koopalings. Larry has the same body style as other Koomp’s, with his own unique head sculpt with hair that that sticks up and given several shades of blue. He also has black bracelets on his wrists, and a dark and light blue shell, with spikes that are beige. His facial details look great, including the green skin, big white eyes with blue pupils, and there is even a blue star on the side of the head. Included with Lemmy is a magic wand that also came with other Koopalings minions of Bowser.

Larry fits in perfectly height wise, and fits in perfectly with the Koopalings offered so far. The wands also orange, and each new release gets their own color wand that’s shown on top.

Overall, Jakks Pacific is offering another great line-up of figures that will surely make fans happy. Larry and the orange Yoshi will be the figures that you will probably want in this wave as they are new. Super Mario fans and collectors will definitely enjoy these figures, which are available now.


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