Jakks Pacific Super Mario – 2.5″ Deluxe Bowser AirShip Playset Video Review



This year Jakks Pacific is offering a must-have playset that all Super Mario fans should own in their collection – the Deluxe Bowser AirShip that is inspired from the video game franchise. The Deluxe Bowser Airship includes a 2.5″ Mario figure, and features spinning propellers on top and rocking motion wheels. The Airship also features a theme song when you hit the right button.

The Deluxe Bowser AirShip Playset is this years primary offering for the brand, which previously seen Mushroom Kingdom Castle and Bowser’s Castle.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their Super Mario – 2.5″ Deluxe Bowser AirShip Playset for review.

Availability: July 2021


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