First-Look: Jakks Pacific Super Mario Deluxe Cloud Playset & Super Mario 3D World 5-Pack Review


Jakks Pacific continues their popular Super Mario 2.5″ line with some new sets coming this Fall, including the Deluxe Cloud Playset and the Super Mario 3D World 5-pack that includes Cat Mario, Cat Luigi, Cat Toad, Red Koopa and a Goomba. Also shown are some new plush figures coming, including Mario and Yoshi. These are inspired from the video game franchise, and will be out soon.

Availability: Fall 2021

The Deluxe Cloud Playset is packaged in a box with beautiful artwork inspired from the game, including an image of the playset inside that comes unassembled. The box gives you some details about the set, including images, as well as a look at additional sets that are also available.

The Super Mario 3D World 5-pack is packaged in a window box, with a video game image of Cat Mario on the left, and on the back are images of the figures along a description.

The Deluxe Cloud Playset features two cloud platforms that connect, and two backdrops that can be inserted in the bases, all inspired from the game. The backdrops are colorful and given light tones, which looks detailed and very appealing to the eye. There are some objects that can connect to the backdrops, including a Question Block with a coin that can pop up, a Spinning Coin Disc, and a Big Cloud Platform that can move around.


The Cloud platform includes a lift, a chomping Piranha Plant with a hinged jaw, a small cloud platform, and a flying mechanism that Propeller Mario can be placed on. The Piranha Plant can swivel around as it’s on a peg that’s connected to the platform, allowing it to try and bite Mario from all sides.

Some of the parts on the cloud platform can be moved around to a custom look if you desire, which his a bonus.


Propeller Mario has been offered before and makes a great addition to the set. The propellers turn, and he comes with a stand, which is the only way for him to stand on his own given how he’s sculpted.


Super Mario 3D World 5-pack includes Cat Mario, Cat Luigi, Cat Toad, a red Koopa and a Goomba. Both the Koopa and Gooba’s have been seen fore, but these new offerings gives you variants that you don’t have. Cat Mario, Cat Luigi, and Cat Toad are in cat suits, each given a unique sculpt with their own facial details and likenesses. Mario and Luigi features their iconic mustaches, and Mario comes in a yellow and white suit, while Luigi is in green and white. Toad comes in a blue and white suit, and all three figures have cat ears, and a tail. They have limited articulation, including a swivel head, and swivel arms.

Overall, Jakks Pacific continues to offer such great sets that fans are surely going to love. Both the Deluxe Cloud Playset and the 3D World 5-pack make great additions to the line.


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