Mattel SDCC 2021 Exclusive – Hot Wheels 1st Appearance Batman & Masters of the Universe Wind Raider vs Land Shark Vehicles Review


This year for San Diego Comic-Con @ Home, Mattel offered a few new Hot Wheels sets, including the 1st Appearance Batman vehicle from 1941, and Masters of the Universe He-Man with Wind Raider, and Skeletor with Landshark.

These and other exclusives were sold on Mattel Creations on July 22nd, 2021 at 12 PM EST. The exclusives are currently sold out. As far as the shipment of orders, there are no new updates as of now as they are likely delayed due to the situation at the ports at this time.

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Thank you to Mattel for providing their SDCC 2021 Exclusive – Hot Wheels 1st Appearance Batman and Masters of the Universe Wind Raider vs Land Shark Vehicles for review. 

Availability: July 2021 – San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

The Batman 1941 set is packaged in a white mailer box, with a blister card inside with beautiful artwork. The Hot Wheels logo on top with a flame around it, and the car with Batman and Robin shown inside below that. The packaging also specifies this is the first Batmobile, and showcases the DC and Batman logo’s.

Masters of the Universe Wind Raider vs. Landshark is also packaged in a white mailer box, with a window box inside. The window box features artwork inspired from the Masters of the Universe franchise, which always features great artwork. The vehicles are features on top of the box, along with logo’s and graphics throughout the packaging.


This How Wheels Batman exclusive is based on the first Batmobile seen in Detective Comics #48, and is a bright red convertible and is the only one of its kind. Most fans are more familiar with a black Batmobile and a certain style to it, but the very first one looked nothing like the rest. This one also is the only one of any of Batman’s Batmobiles not to come with any “bat” themes to it, such as wings, fins, or shields. The vehicles includes a hood ornament, a license plate that reads “Kane 41”, and also is painted in a metallic silver, with yellow headlights, and red rims on the tires. Batman and Robin cannot be removed, and are also painted in their original outfits. Batman is in his light grey and blue cape and cowl, with a black logo on his chest. Robin comes with a yellow cape, red, green outfit, and a black mask. The letter “R” is on his chest in yellow with a black circle around it.


The Landshark and Wind Raider is given their own unique designs, and came out great. Both He-Man and Skeletor are placed inside but cannot be removed. The Landshark is painted with a purple sharks head, with eyes, red teeth, blue tank treads, light grey blasters, and decals on the back. Skeletor’s face is painted in yellow and green, with a purple hood, chest armor, and light blue skin. The blasters can be raised and lowered, and the mouth of the shark can be listed manually, but cannot open and close as the vehicle moves, just as you will recall that the recently released Origins 5.5″ vehicle featured, as well as the 1980’s release.

The Wind Raider is another excellent vehicle, with a metallic green body, orange wings and other parts, decals on the side, and a sculpted and painted computer that’s in front of He-Man. The wings can be raised and lowered manually, and the hood piece can rotate. The hook cannot extend as this is all sculpted. He-Man comes in his grey and red armor, blonde hair, orange bracelets, and also nicely done facial details given the small size.

Both of these vehicles have wheels at the bottom allowing them to move, just like any other Hot Wheels.

Overall, Mattel’s design team have outdone themselves and these are great looking exclusives. The amount of detail given the size is remarkable, especially the computer on the Wind Raider and details on the Land Shark’s tank treads and mouth. The Batman 1941 vehicle is another perfect example of just how amazing the Hot Wheels line can be. These are definitely worthy of your collection, and if you managed to obtain them back when they went up for sale, you are in for a treat. If not, you’ll have to try the secondary market at this point, such as eBay.



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