NECA Toys Batman Returns Catwoman 1/4″ Scale Figure Review


Back by popular demand is the Batman Returns Catwoman 1/4″ Scale Figure from the 1992 film. Catwoman was originally offered in 2017, and features the likeness of Actress Michelle Pfeiffer, in what is considered one of her most memorable performances. Catwoman includes two interchangeable head sculpts, including one calm; one angry, synthetic hair poking through the battle damaged mask, interchangeable hands, a Taser and a whip.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Batman Returns Catwoman 1/4″ Scale Figure for review. 

Availability: July 2021

Catwoman is packaged in the standard 1/4″ scale window box, with artwork inspired from the 1992 film, including a frosty detail on the plastic in the front, images of her on the sides, and on the back is an additional image along with a description.


Catwoman stands at roughly 16 1/2″ tall and features the likeness of Actress Michelle Pfeiffer. The figure comes out the box with her damaged cowl head sculpt, which features rooted hair with loose strands poking through various places of the mask, and truly a great likeness. The eyes, nose, mouth and even the jawline are truly done remarkably, and NECA has nailed the likeness on both head sculpts. The battle damaged head sculpt also has her mouth open, eyes squinted, and eyebrows lowered, while the non damaged head sculpt has a standard expression with the same great facial details. The town has stitches that match the rest of the body, and each stitch is sculpted individually.


The outfit itself is tight to her body as it was in the film, with the sculpted stitches holding the rips and tears in it together. The damages from the suit were features later on the film, which is what this is based off of. Around her waist is a black girdle around over the outfit, which looks like leather and given nicely done sculpted details. Every aspect about the suit is perfection, especially the paint applications applied to it that gives it the image of leather as it was in the film.  The suit is painted in a metallic black deco, with stitches that are metallic silver, long fingernails that are claws and also painted in a dark grey and metallic silver deco. The claws are made of a soft plastic to prevent breakage, and are pointy at the tips.



The boots are tall, and also painted and sculpted to resemble leather, with metallic silver buttons on the sides of the laces, and they did an excellent job all throughout the sculpt and likeness, and a black round base that helps to to stand. The base is light weight and you have to balance the legs and arms just right otherwise she might tip over. A doll stand would make a great substitute for this, which is also ideal for any 1/4″ scale figure.

Catwoman’s articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, double-hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, ball jointed torso (the girdle blocks most of the movement though), ball-hinged hips, double-hinged knees, hinged and rocker ankles.


Catwoman includes the same accessories she came with back in 2017, including 4 interchangeable hand sculpts (each with a different use), a whip, a kitty cat stun gun, and two head sculpts. Swapping out the hands and heads go smoothly, which is a plus but always use the side of caution.

Overall, the Catwoman is a terrific figure with a great likeness to how she looked in the film. If you missed out the first-time around, you can grab her, Penguin and Batman now.


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