NECA Toys Back to the Future Part II Ultimate Doc Brown 2015 Figure Review

NECA Toys Back to the Future Part II Ultimate Doc Brown 2015 Figure Review


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NECA Toys newly released Back to the Future Part II Ultimate Doc Brown figure is now part of this popular line, and is currently available to help make your collection a little bit better. Doc Brown is based on the appearance of Actor Christopher Lloyd, and this is the second version of him released in this line as we previously got the 1955 version. Doc Brown includes three interchangeable head sculpts, swappable hands, case of emergency cash, and binoculars.



Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Back To The Future Part II Ultimate Doc Brown 7″ Scale Figure for review. 

Availability: August 2021

Doc Brown is packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with nicely done artwork, including the cover featuring newspaper articles. The back features images of the figure, along with a description. Doc Brown is packaged in plastic tray along with his accessories for safe keeping.


Doc Brown joins NECA’s Back to the Future line-up and features the likeness of actor Christoper Lloyd. Doc Brown comes in his 2015 likeness from the film, including a gold rain coat with a metallic finish, a pattern red sweater with chinese symbols in white and black, a clear tie, gold pants with a sculpted texture, and the inside of the raincoat also has a pattern. He also has black shoes with metallic silver parts, green socks with a pattern, and red shoe laces. There are also two watches that can be removed on both wrists, by first removing the hand sculpts.


The likeness to Christopher Lloyd is spot on, and they have done a great job with this. All three of the head sculpts have a unique expression, with metallic silver shades on one, and the other two have different mouthed eye expressions. The facial details, including the eyes, nose, mouth all look amazingly detailed. The hair is sculpted and textured, along with a wash over it. There is a gap at the bottom and around the ears just as the first released had, which was so that the goggles can slide underneath to be placed on.


Doc Brown includes two sets of interchangeable hands, a newspaper article that matches the packaging cover, binoculars, and a case of emergency cash. This case is one of the most detailed accessories in the entire line so far, and can open to reveal the cash inside, along with the year that each bill is from written on scotch tape. The inside of the case has the bills underneath a cover, that they appear to be able to slide out of, which Doc Brown can use when he travels through time. These bills however cannot be removed from the case, and are only meant for display purposes.

Overall, NECA’s Back To The Future Doc Brown figure came out great and they did a great job on the likeness, attention to detail and especially the accessories. The likenesses and great attention to detail makes this line the best offerings for the franchise to-date, and comes just in time for the 35th Anniversary of the first film. This is a great line that every BTTF fan should own.


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