BigBadToyStore – Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 3 Assortment Change – Cheetara Moved To 2022



Our sponsor BigBadToyStore sent out an email notice to everyone that pre-ordered Cheetara and/or the entire wave of Super7’s ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 3, with the announcement that Cheetara has been pushed out of the wave and moved to 2022. This wave will now see only 3 figures, including Jaga, Slithe and Captain Crackers.


Thank you for Pre-ordering from BigBadToyStore!

Super7 has announced that the Cheetara figure did not ship with the other figures in ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 3 due to quality issues. Because Cheetara’s arrival date has been pushed out to an unspecified date in 2022, we have made the decision to change our listing from a Set of 4 to a Set of 3 and have updated the pre-order price from $179.99 to $134.99 accordingly. Our website listing is now up to date to reflect these changes.

In addition to this update, a pre-order for the Cheetara figure will be added to all accounts with a pre-order on file for the set. Please allow 24 hours for this to occur before checking your account, and contact Customer Service if the Cheetara figure is not in your pre-order list.

This is unfortunate, but very happy to see that Super7 is giving the line the care and attention it deserves. By pushing Cheeata to a later day, they will ensure she is done better than keeping her in this wave. She, wave 3 and other figures can be pre-ordered at BigBadToyStore by clicking HERE!