NECA Toys Batman 1989 – Batman 1/4″ Scale Figure Review


Back by popular demand is NECA’s Batman 1/4″ Scale figure from Batman from the 1989 film. This Batman figure was originally offered in 2014. NECA also recently reissued The Penguin and Catwoman from Batman Returns (1992) that we recently reviewed. The figure is based on the likeness of actor Michael Keaton and stands at just under 18″ tall, which is a scale that offers much more detail especially in the face deco as this is a larger size.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Batman 1989 – Batman 1/4″ Scale Figure for review. 

Availability: July 2021

Batman is packaged in a window box, with artwork inspired from the film. The sides and back showcase images of the figure inside, holding his accessories in various poses.


NECA has brought back their Batman 1989 – 1/4″ scale figure and he comes with all the same attention to detail and accessories as previously offered. Batman comes his iconic black catsuit, with a gold utility belt, yellow and black Batman logo on his chest. The head features the likeness of actor Michael Keaton with the cowl covering most of his face. Most of the sculpt is made of a hard plastic, while some parts of the armor are made of a soft plastic and placed over the body, such as the chest armor, crotch, back armor, utility belt and logo. The armor is broken up a bit to allow more articulation, which is defiantly essential.


The Michael Keaton likeness is incredible, especially the details and paint applications on the lower half of the face. Every aspect including the mouth, chin, and the grin just looks so realistic to the film, and they truly captured a great likeness. The cowl is placed over the head and made of soft plastic, and cannot be removed. It’s made of one piece, which also covers the top of the shoulders to anchor it. The texture of the cowl is also phenomenal as looks and feels like rubber. The logo is also perfection and accurate to the film, and is sculpted and painted in yellow and black.


The rest of the body also looks great, including the body armor and matches what we saw on screen. Other than the chest armor, forearms, and boots, the upper armor and legs are smooth, and even that has a visually great likeness. The  gauntlets, gloves, shins and boots also have a ton of detail applied to it, and there is a lot of sculpting going on here. Most of the sculpt is molded in black, with the gauntlets, gloves and boots are given a darker black than the suit itself.

The cape can be raised using the included two long tonfa like devices that allow the wings to remain in a fully extended position, and there is supposedly a tiny hole on the inside the cape to allow these parts to be inserted inside, held in his hands, and allows it to rise up. But truthfully, I was unable to locate these holes and simply rested the cape around the arms and metal parts.


The grapple-gun is also meant to be split to two parts and placed on that holster that connects to the utility belt. But I was unable to separate it and didn’t really want to continue to use force as it might have broken in half.


The grapple-gun can be placed in his right open grip hand with the trigger finger, and it also made of a soft plastic and a bit on the fragile side. It also includes a fold up handle, which is the part that the hand holds onto.


The Batarang is another great look accessory, which folds up at the ends, and has silver tips. The included cord can also used to attach to this, and make it look like he’s about to throw it.


The grappling hook can also be attached to the cord, which Batman can hold onto. This grappling hook is massive, and it may be wise not to display your Batman figure hanging from this, as it’s not strong enough to support the weight.

Overall, Batman is an excellent figure with a great likeness to how he looked in the film. The attention to detail, quality and even the accessories are all top-notch, and they have done a fantastic job on this one. If you missed out the first-time around, you can grab him, Penguin and Catwoman now.


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