Super7 – ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 3 Arriving At BBTS

Super7 – ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 3 Arriving At BBTS



Our sponsor BigBadToyStore sent out an email notice to everyone that pre-ordered Super7’s ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 3 Figures letting them know that orders will begin processing soon as these figures are in-route to their warehouse.

Super7 recently announced that Cheetara was removed from this wave to ensure production quality to the figure, and she will be offered in 2022. This wave will now see only 3 figures, including Jaga, Slithe and Captain Crackers. Cheetara, wave 3 and other figures can be pre-ordered at BigBadToyStore by clicking HERE! The set of 3 is $134.99, and Cheetara is listed at $44.99.

  • Jaga figure
    • 2 Alternate heads (only one pictured)
    • Extra hands
    • Cape
    • Sword of Omens
    • Sleeping Sword of Omens
    • Magic cloth (not pictured)
  • Slithe figure
    • Alternate head
    • Long axe
    • Short axe
    • Mace
  • Captain Cracker figure
    • Alternate head
    • Extra hands
    • Sword
    • Wrench
    • Polly the Parrot
    • Alternate wings for Polly the Parrot

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