Diamond Select Toys – The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 10 Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys are now offering their Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 10 figures, which includes Mr. Hyde with Corpse Dad, Corpse Mom with Duck Gift, and Mrs. Claus with Choir Elf. Some additional new offerings includes The Creature and Cyclops, SDCC 2021 Box Set and the Jobs of Jack Box Set. Beyond this, DST has not announced any additional offerings, but if you want to see this line continue, it’ll be wise to buy all of these and help spread the word. For the most part, they’ve made pretty much all characters from the film, but there’s always something you can still do if you look deep enough and be creative. Series 10 is available now at comic shops and the online retailers mentioned below.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their NBX Select series 10 for review. 

Availability: October 2021

Each figure is packaged on the standard Select packaging, with artwork inspired from the film, images of the figures on the sides, a description, and images of the figures, along with the rest of the wave on the back.


We’re getting at the end of of unreleased characters, and Mrs. Claus is definitely on that list. This figure, along with the rest of the wave, and line for that matter, depicts a great likeness to the source material. She comes in her red and white baking outfit, with a sculpted texture on the red part, sculpted texture on the bottom of the white, a Santa hat, oven mitts with detail, and beige boots. Her facial details and likeness are spot on. She is given grey hair, pointy elf ears, a pointy nose, grey eye brows, red lipstick, and big white eyes with a black pupil, and red around them.

Her articulation includes a swivel head, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel wrists, and swivel knees.

The Elf comes in a light grey outfit, with red gloves, and green boots, scarf and a ball on the hat. His facial details are nicely done with the pointy ears and nose, and he as an open mouth, and big eyes. His articulation includes a swivel head, and swivel-hinged arms.

Mrs. Clause also comes with a Penguin pie, and a second pie with both in a tin.


Mr. Hyde comes in a large coat that is made up of two main parts, and is painted in several shares of green with a black wash. The black trim is around the bottom, and along the zipper part of the front. There is also a sculpted texture on the coat, and gives is a pattern. His sleeves and boots are cast in black, and his hands are a soft plastic, almost making them look and feel like rubber. His head sculpt features a great likeness, including the grey hair, and facial details. The top hat is not removable, so we don’t get those two smaller copies of him as seen in the film that are hidden under his hat. But that would make a great way to refresh the character should this line offer more figures beyond what has already been shown.

Back at New York ToyFair 2020, DST did show Mr. Hyde come with two heads, one of which had these smaller versions of him included. However, this was cut at some point after the show, and hopefully, they’ll offer him again with the new head.

His articulation includes a ball jointed head with limited movement, ball jointed shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, and swivel-hinged wrists (it’s tough and fragile to move the wrists), and swivel knees.

Corpse Dad comes in a purple sweater with black buttons, a green tie, white undershirt, dark grey pants, and black shoes. His head sculpt looks great, with the nicely done facial details, sculpted hair, red nose with a sculpted texture, blue skin tone indicating he’s a corpse. There are also some flesh decaying on both sides of his head.

His articulation includes a swivel neck, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows and swivel-hinged wrists, and hinged knees. The legs are much larger than the torso especially when going down the feet, so his proportions are strange, but also accurate to the film.


Corpse Mom, like Mrs. Clause, is depicted with a large waistline in the film, and the figure gives a great representation of what we saw in the film. Her grey dress with pink flowers is tight to her body, and given a sculpted texture. The dress is also torn, with what appears to be flesh decaying underneath. Her head sculpt is impressive, with that hair due, facial details, glasses, wide open mouth with red lipstick, yellow eyes, and blue skin tone that you also see on the arms. She also has black shoes, with the same blue skin tone on her legs.

Her articulation includes a ball jointed head, swivel-hinged arms, and swivel legs.


The duck actually made it into the line, and I for one am happy to finally see him. The duck cannot be removed from the wagon, and has nicely done facial details and attention to detail. The duck is painted in yellow, with what appears to be bullet holes and blood dripping, red lines, and facial details that include sharp teeth, a beak and big black and white eyes. The wagon is sculpted to look like wood, but painted in black with a blue wash. The wheels do not turn, and there is a hook in the front so it can be pulled. The duck is covered with the box that’s also included, which has a black ribbon, and white and black detailed patterns.

Overall, DST has done it again and this is a phenomenal wave, with great likenesses and superior quality. I remember looking at this at New York ToyFair 2020, which took place before the world ended as we knew it. This is a wave that you need to buy, and make sure to buy the box sets and existing waves, and hopefully we’ll get those smaller versions of Mr. Hyde and other unreleased characters at some point.


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