Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates Wave 81 Dark Phoenix Saga Figures Review

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates Wave 81 Dark Phoenix Saga Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys are now offering their Marvel Minimates Wave 81 Dark Phoenix Saga Figures, which is a classic X-Men storyline published in Marvel Comics in X-Men #129–138. This is a timeless X-Men storyline that that not only appeared in the comics, but the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga also appeared in the fan-favorite X-Men: The Animated Series, and introduced in the X-Men live-action films.



This series includes Cyclops with Lilandra, Phoenix with Corsair, and Dark Phoenix with Gladiator, and each features 14 points of articulation and includes interchangeable parts and accessories.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Marvel Minimates Wave 81 Dark Phoenix Saga Figures for review. 

Availability: November 2021

The Minimates are packaged in a window box, with artwork that has been previously seen in other Minimates waves, including artwork of the figures on the front and sides, images of the figures and a description of the characters on the back.

Cyclops is given an updated Minimate figure and includes a swappable hair, and two mask pieces. He comes in his classic blue and yellow outfit, with a brown jacket that has the X-Men logo’s on the sides of the sleeves in black and red. His belt and visor are red, and the belt has an X-Men logo in beige and black on the belt buckle. On the blue part of the outfit is black shading. The facial details are nicely done, and he is wearing glasses for the hair piece. Cyclops other mask piece that fits over the head has a optic blast effect shooting out of the eyes.

Lilandra comes in her metallic silver and black outfit, with a blue cape in the back. Her helmet piece is also metallic silver and nicely done, and the hair piece is cast in black with sculpted details. She also includes a staff that is in metallic gold.

Both figures also includes an acrylic figure stand.


Phoenix comes in her green and metallic gold outfit, with some nicely done details, and a piece of the belt hanging from the right side. On her upper chest is the Phoenix logo, and her hair piece is red with sculpted hair. The Phoenix base is nicely done and is one piece, and she can stand on it with one peg piece at the bottom for her foot.

Corsair comes in her red and black outfit, with a blue belt and bandana around the hair piece, with a gold symbol on his chest (Starjammers logo). He includes a sword and blaster.

Both figures also includes an acrylic figure stand.


Dark Phoenix is a repaint of Phoenix, with a metallic red, black and yellow outfit, a new hair piece and facial expression. Her base is also brand new, with the Phoenix sculpted to her hair, Phoenix Force effects on her hands that are removable, and a Phoenix force base that she can stand out.

Gladiator comes in his red, black and yellow outfit, with the Shi-ar Empire logo on his chest, and has a cape that is also removable on his back. Since he’s an alien, his face is purple to represent his likeness, and he has a black mohawk head piece. The cape also has yellow around the sides, which is also nicely done.

Both figures also includes an acrylic figure stand.

Overall, X-Men The Dark Phoenix Saga, or even the Phoenix Saga remains to be a classic storyline in Marvel Comics, and any figure from this story is always a welcome addition to your collection. These Minimates make great collectibles to the already impressive line, and most of these are given updated details and likenesses than what has previously been offered in the line. It would appear that Lilandra and Gladiator are making their Minimates debut in this line as I was unable to find previous offerings of these characters (I might be wrong on that), so if that is true these are long overdue. These are available at your local comic shops now, or get them online at the following retailers:


Entertainment Earth


Hobby Link Japan

Zavvi U.S./Canada

Zavvi U.K.

Things From Another World



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