Diamond Select Toys Transformers Minimates Series 1 Review


Since 1984, Transformers has seen many different releases from a variety of companies, and now this brand joins Minimates that is a block-style line that dates back to 2002. This initial offering is a 4-pack that includes Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream and Shockwave, all inspired from their Generation One appearances. Up next in this line is Megatron, Blaster, Grimlock and Soundwave, and that box set of four is expected to ship in April 2022.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Transformers Minimates Series 1 box set for review. 

Availability: December 2021

The Transformers Minimates are packaged on a blister card with the Transformers logo and artwork, and the back includes images of the figure, along with a description.


Optimus Prime comes in his classic metallic red, silver and blue deco, with the Autobot logo on the from of the left shoulders, short smoke stakes, a silver faceplate and a blue helmet. The figure also pays homage to the original 1984 vintage toy, with a clear windshield, and he includes an axe that can be swapped with either hand, and a blaster.

The torso is given a newly tooled piece to depict the front of the truck, and he has some newly tooled feet, shoulders and forearms, as well as the helmet placed over the block parts.

Bumblebee, or Goldbug as he looks more like that version of himself with the metallic gold rather than the yellow deco. He’s also painted in black arms and legs, a red Autobot logo on his chest, and a helmet over his head. His head can be swapped out, and he also includes a blaster.

The newly tooled parts include the piece over the chest, helmet, feet, shoulders and bracelets over the block pieces. There is also a wheel located on his back that cannot be removed.

Shockwave comes in his metallic purple, silver deco, with a light purple chest part, and translucent hands. The visor and the rest of the head is nicely done. Shockwave includes a newly tooled chest piece, head, shoulders, hands and bracelets, and feet over the block pieces.

Starscream comes in his metallic red, silver, orange blue and black deco. One aspect about this figure you need to know is that the blasters cannot be lifted up as the wings prevent it from moving, as the blasters and wings are too close together and the wings cannot be moved or hinged backward. This prevents you from pointing the blasters forward so he can fire, which is only aspect about this figure that is disappointing. The overall design though matches Starscream nicely, and his newly tooled parts includes the chest piece, helmet, shoulders with the blasters, bracelets, wings, and feet.

Each Minimate comes with an acrylic figure stand.

Overall, these Transformers Minimates are a lot of fun to pose and display, especially with any Transformers figure collection. It is also important to know is that these are taller than Transformers Kre-O, and pretty much any other mini line in the Transformers brand, and these stand by itself. These parts are also compatible with other Minimates from other brands, so you can mix and match to your delight.


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