NECA Toys Toony Terrors Wave 6 Figures Review


NECA’s popular Toony Terrors line gets a new wave, which includes Herbert West from ReAnimator, Captain Blake from The Fog, The Miner from My Bloody Valentine, and Elvira from Mistress of the Dark. This series is available now, and each figure comes with character specific accessories.

Thank you to NECA Toys for sending along their Toony Terrors Wave 6 figures for review. 

Availability: December 2021

The Toony Terrors figures are packaged on a blister card packaging with a bonus cutout backdrop that are based on their film. Just like the figures, the backdrops are also animated inspired and can be used for display and as a diorama for the figures.

Captain Blake comes in his dark brown coat with a torn white shirt, brown belt and strap with blue belt buckles, dark blue pants and black boots. His skin tone and facial details look zombified for a ghost, with purple skin with parts of it look decaying, and red eyes. His hair is long and cast in black, along with a beard and mustache. On his left hip is a sheath for his sword, which can fit inside.

Included is a sword with a yellow handle, and a grey blade.

His articulation includes a ball jointed head, swivel shoulders, swivel forearms, swivel boots and a swivel sheath for the sword.


The Miner comes in blue overalls with black gloves and brown and black boots, and brown belts with grey belt buckles The head is covered with a gas mask, and there is a helmet with a flashlight on top with a red trim. The vacuum pipe is attached to the mouth piece and is made of a soft plastic. The vacuum pipe is attached to a box on the back.

Included is a pickaxe, and a heart shaped valentines box that would normally carry chocolate inside, but in the film it holds a human heart (this box does not open). He also comes with a small base that is required to help him stand.

His articulation includes a ball jointed head with some limited range of motion due to the vacuum pipe, swivel shoulders, swivel forearms, and swivel boots.


Herbert West comes in a white lab coat with pens in the pocket, light blue undershirt, a black tie, black pants, light and dark brown shoes. His head sculpt has thin black glasses without lenses, and nicely done facial details capturing the likeness of actor Jeffrey Combs.


Included is a syringe with the serum to bring back the dead, and a head with a tray. He also comes with a small base that is required to help him stand.

His articulation includes a ball jointed head, swivel shoulders, swivel right forearm, swivel hips, and swivel boots.

Elvira comes in her black tight dress with a v-neck, and the dress touches the floor and goes around her knees. Her hair is long and pays a great likeness, and she has painted black fingernails, and nicely done facial details. There is also a dagger sculpted to her chest and cannot be removed.

Her articulation includes a ball jointed head, and swivel shoulders.

Overall, Series 6 is an excellent wave with a great assortment of characters, all of which you need to add to your collection. This wave includes four brand new characters to the line and each of them pay great detail and attention to likenesses to the source material. Make sure to get this wave now, and you can find these at the stores listed below:


Entertainment Earth


Things From Another World

Zavvi – U.S./Canada

Zavvi – U.K.