Super7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates Glow-in-the-Dark Mutagen Man 7″ Figure Review


Super7 and Entertainment Earth are offering an exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates Glow-in-the-Dark Mutagen Man figure that is inspired from the vintage toy. This Glow-in-the-Dark color scheme is a brand new concept not offered for this character before, but works really well for him as the “mutagen” parts, including the arms, legs, torso and even the tube on the back. It can be difficult to choose which character to repaint and give them this feature, but Mutagen Man is a good fit for this, even more so than Baxter Stockman as he too came with this feature in the line, or even both of the Toxic Crusader figures. The Ultimates line has been great from the start, as we’ve seen Super7 continue to add new brands and licenses almost on a monthly basis now to this line, there is surely something for everyone here.

Thank you to Entertainment Earth for providing their exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates Glow-in-the-Dark Mutagen Man 7″ Figure for review. 

Availability: January 2022

Mutagen Man comes packaged in a brown shipping box, with a pink slipcover, all with logo’s and great artwork. The slipcover is easily removed to show the window box packaging with additional artwork and logo’s, and the back includes a description of the character. Mutagen Man is packaged in a plastic tray, along with accessories that are packaged with him, as well as a second tray in the back.

Seymour Gutz, aka Mutagen Man, gets a new Glow-in-the-Dark variation repaint that is exclusively available at Entertainment Earth. When it comes to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there’s nothing like the originality of it including many of its characters each with their own distinctive likeness, especially characters that aren’t the four turtles themselves. Mutagen Man is right up there with originality, as this is a character design that is so unusual and so creative that it wouldn’t be right to even retool it to create another character like him. Given the fact that the mutagen transformed him that can’t survive without the protection of the mutagen containment suit, filled with mutagen, with arms and legs that aren’t organic so he can walk, throw punches, and hold onto his Mutagen Machine Gun, there has never been, or should ever be another character with this design created. This is the first-time even that Mutagen Man gets a glow-in-the-dark treatment, which works really well for the character as the effect makes him look radioactive as compared to the standard release of him that looks more like a decaying zombified body.

Even without the glow-in-the-dark feature, the character bright pink, metallic green, bright gold, metallic gold, and the clear tank with a green wash on it makes the character stand out even further from the rest of the line with the bright colors. The radioactive vibe given the character reminds me of Toxie from Toxic Crusaders, and since he too is part of the Ultimates line, it’ll be a great display to stand these two together.

With the new deco changes, the glowing effect on him looks great. The eyes, arms and legs, blaster and the tube on top all glow, and the different plastics on this figure all glow slightly differently. The glowing effect is even brighter than previously thought, as it shines brighter than other figures with the GITD feature.

Mutagen Man includes an assortment of accessories, including the Mutagen Machine Gun, 2 sets of hands, a gooey garbage rack with all of the accessories offered that are also loose, and loose accessories that can also glow-in-the-dark, including a fish, wrench, eyeball, turtle, pizza, apple core and a bone.

His articulation is also standard of the Ultimates line, with the exception of the head and that is inside the suit, and he has ball-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball-hinged joined hips, swivel-hinged knees, hinged and rocker ankles.

Overall, Mutagen Man is a fun repaint and an overall great figure that pays a tribute to the vintage toy line. Fans have been going crazy over these Ultimates and for good reason, and the Four Horsemen themselves are sculpt and designing at least most of these from all franchises, and they simply look just too darn good to pass up. This repaint will surely be a great addition to your collection, and go ahead and get the standard release too.


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