Entertainment Earth – Hasbro Transformers Legacy – Titan Black Zarak Figure


Entertainment Earth has an in-stock listing of Hasbro’s Transformers Generations Selects Titan Black Zarak Figure, which is priced at $169.99 with 10% off automatically taken off at check out, and FREE U.S. shipping. You can grab yours now by clicking HERE! The figure is a repaint of the Titan-Class Scorponok figure, and is based on the 1988 toy from the Super-God Masterforce cartoon.

This Black Zarak figure is inspired by the original 1988 toy release, based on the Super-God Masterforce cartoon. The figure converts from robot to base mode in 39 steps then to scorpion mode in 33 steps. Figure comes with classic Tyrant Spear and shield accessories, plus shoulder cannon details. Spear accessory breaks apart into pieces that can store on the figure’s sides in scorpion mode. Head of spear accessory attaches to tail in scorpion mode. Shield accessory attaches to figure’s arm in robot mode. This Black Zarak figure’s head converts into a Deluxe-scale figure featuring battle-damage deco. Remove the head of the Deluxe-scale figure and convert to an additional smaller figure.